Two Weeks in Costa Rica… According to a 5-Year-Old

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Typically, I’ll write about our adventures from the “grown up” perspective – what we did, what we ate, etc. However, before we left for two weeks in October to travel to Costa Rica, I bought my son a travel journal . It is perfect for school-aged kids to keep memories on paper.

For the sake of having the journal, here is what my 5-year-old thought about his second trip to Costa Rica (spoken by him, written by me):

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Prior to the trip:

Cool Places I want to visit on our trip:

  • Beach
  • Waterfalls
  • To see animals
  • Boat

Day 1

We went in the airplane and then the car. We got stuck in traffic for 5 hours on our way to Manuel Antonio because of an accident on the only road. We went to the supermercado and bought Oreos and food. We also stopped in Tarcoles to see crocodiles.


Day 2

We went swimming in the pool, saw monkeys and sloths in the backyard, and went out for dinner at Jolly Rogers. We ordered yummy sandwiches, too. I got ham and cheese.

Day 3

We hung around the house because it was rainy. We made shrimp tacos, got strawberry Oreos, and ate mac and cheese.


Day 4

We chilled and relaxed. I played Roblox on my tablet. It was another rainy day. We also went to the marina to see the boat.

Day 5

We went on the boat and I got sea sick, but still had a fun time. We ate sandwiches on the boat and saw a turtle. We went to the beach after and I checked out a cave and played in the ocean.

Day 6

We woke up early and went to the rainforest to hike to the waterfalls. I walked through the river and up rocks. After that, we went to the beach and I rode the waves. Our friends went back to Michigan and we relaxed.


Day 7

We hung out all day and got to experience a 4.9 earthquake at night. We also ate yummy chicken.

Day 8

I played video games and ate deli sandwiches and pasta. Brittany and Dan got to Costa Rica and we went to the beach to watch the sunset.


Day 9

We went to the beach and played in the waves and in the sand. We also relaxed in the hammock. New friends came over for a BBQ, but I still wanted mac and cheese and my blue popsicle with sprinkles.


Day 10

We drove around and went to the marina. We also got lotion for my bug bites and got a fresh smoothie. Then, we chilled at the house and the rain came. For dinner, I ate a cheese quesadilla at Sanchos and got Trits (a cookie ice cream tub).

Day 11

We were supposed to go to waterfalls near Dominical but it was too stormy and rainy, so we chilled around the house. We went to Cafe Milagro for breakfast and I had delicious mango crepes and plantains. Plantains are my new favorite food. I also watched cartoons before bed.


Day 12

We went to the beach, laid on the hammocks, and played in the waves. We walked along the beach and found rocks and shells. My favorite was a jade stone. The waves were crazy! I played with girls, got muddy, and ate a beef empanada from someone selling them on the beach. It was my favorite food of the day. We also went to the farmers market in Quepos and I played on the playground. I tried a white pineapple, mora juice, and a dragonfruit at the market, and got to see a cool shark’s jaw and tooth at a stand. We got more wings from Jolly Rogers on the way home and I watched cartoons before bed.

Looks like we missed Days 13 and 14

Day 15

Today we drove to the airport for about 3 hours. I am getting better at Spanish. We had a layover in Houston and then got home late at night. My Nana picked us up from the airport. I can’t wait to go back to Costa Rica – I didn’t want to leave.


After rewriting everything on the blog that he told me to write after each day, I am so glad we did that, since I have no idea what we did on days 13 and 14 because we didn’t write it down. He also drew pictures and wrote favorite food of the day, moments, etc., which is fun to look back on.

It’s fun to see highlights of a 5-year-old (food, video games, cartoons, the beach, etc.) verses how I would have blogged about our adventures. We are counting down the days until our next visit to Manuel Antonio. Stay tuned on our social media to follow our upcoming adventures!


11 thoughts on “Two Weeks in Costa Rica… According to a 5-Year-Old

  1. Looks like such an amazing place to travel. I have no kids but cant imagine travelling and packing with a child haha go you. I love his little luggage. It’s so beautiful that you can have a online diary to always look back on xx

  2. Sounds like you and your son had a lot of fun on the trip! I have never had the strawberry oreos, before, but would like to try them sometime. Costa Rica seems like it was really beautiful!

  3. How cute. My girls used to keep journals like this on our travels when they were younger. I like his focus on food.

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