Everything That Happened During Phoenix Comicon 2017 – The Recap

Who’s with me when I say Phoenix Comicon 2017 was by far the most eventful? Everyone? Okay good. While yes, lots of not-so-fun stuff happened, the con overall was a ton of fun for everyone. It’s great to see the con grow and flourish over time and attract many non-geeks and nerds into the hustle […]

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Phoenix Comicon 2017 – Thursday’s Fiasco and Moving Forward

Needless to say, Phoenix Comicon 2017 was a mixture of the usual geekery, fun, long-night galavanting, and a bit of chaos that comes with going to a con with kids. When comparing PCC 2017 to previous years the crowds have definitely grown in size, and political stances. As you may of heard, on the first […]

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Your Ultimate Guide To A Family Weekend At Phoenix Comicon

your ultimate guide to a family weekend at phoenix comicon

Phoenix Comicon is just 14 days away and if you’re anything like me, you’re planning your days out to a “T.” Since being established in 2002 the Con has grown in size and most recently has expanded into more buildings in the convention center area. With over 700 exhibitors, more than 30 geek celebrity encounters, […]

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