My Throwback to a Chicago Trip in April

This past weekend I went on a business trip/personal adventure for The Blonde Spot and had an amazing time.

It was a weekend filled with heartwarming moments, intoxicating experiences, and inspiring thoughts. My best friend is getting married in September and I have the honor of being her photographer. Before our adventure began we hit up this delicious restaurant, Whisk, in a local neighborhood. I have a gluten intolerance but that morning it didn’t stop me from brunchin’ it up with some incredible Apple Caramel drizzle French Toast. Damn – so good. We ended the meal with a free offering from a couple right next to us, Free Champagne and Orange Juice.

Jen and I chatted with them and made some seriously amazing connections. The guy, was a local photographer and musician with a wedding band – what Jen was still needing – and the woman was a PR representative and worked with a few big names in the industry (this is an element TBS will expand to in the next 18 months). I had just made more connections than I ever have made living in Phoenix. I have never been surrounded by total strangers who were so comfortable with showing a little love and friendship with people they’ve never met. I began falling in love with the City.

After breakfast, we scoped out the venue and made some rough plans for the shoot on her big day. She’s marrying the most perfect guy for her and what will be the most perfect place for them – Salvage One. It’s this super cool vintage furniture place in Chicago that is filled with the most incredible pieces.

We pursued the three story venue and created a memory together that was just what I needed to do with her. I’m excited for her beyond words and it was so precious to me to spend time with her. After we finished up we took a stroll downtown to the Gold Coast where we visited the store she used to work at before she took a chance and forced herself to 100% pursue her dream of performing. Right now she’s working with Reutan Collective, a group of actors, writers, and producers that are putting out some really incredible stuff. You can check that out here. I met the videographer for the wedding, and some of her old coworkers who were so warm and friendly.

We sipped a few shots of espresso while she caught up with her friends then headed down towards Kate Spade. We entered and had a delightful conversation with the most joyous KS clerk. He indulged our deepest fashion desires by describing items to us as we glanced over the glittering pieces lying on the perfectly polished white marble. I picked out a splurge, watched the young woman behind the counter wrap it up it a gorgeous box and place it into the bag.

Walking out of the boutique we felt the call of a tourist attraction and wandered towards The Signature Cocktail Lounge. A place located 95 stories up with some of the most expensively delicious drinks. As we sipped on a Raspberry Gin Drink and Blood Orange Margarita we stared off into the coast line and spoke about the chances and opportunities available in The Windy City. The call into urban life had me firmly in its hand and I decided then and there I would move to Chicago.

After an enlightening conversation, we took the elevator back downstairs where we were crammed in like sardines and a giant guy practically pressed his back up against our noses. Being slightly intoxicated, we burst out laughing uncontrollably at the complete disregard the guy had for his surroundings. We were literally dying!

We split an Uber up to a bar called Bad Apples and met up with our high school Friend Billy and some of their Nebraska collegiate friends who were visiting for one night while out traveling with Sesame Street live. I’ll admit that at this point the small percentage of me that is an introvert kicked in and I became fairly quiet so as to allow myself to observe the energy and give Jen and Billy the freedom to connect and catch up with their visiting friends. A little more into the night (and a beer or two later) I allowed myself to open up and interact with the group and I had a fantastic time. It’s always so fascinating to watch the dynamics of a group completely filled with a variety of extroverted individuals.

The night came to a close, we all parted ways home, and hopped into cars or buses. Drifting off to sleep that night I still felt the desire to move to Chicago. I still plan to do everything I can to get there. Not only would I benefit from such a move financially, but TBS could take off faster and stronger in a place surrounded by artists and like-minded creatives. This move will allow me to provide Fox with better educational outlets, provide a better life – a life I’ve always wanted for him – and raise him in a city where collaboration and creativity soar beyond expectations.

As I boarded my plane this afternoon, I left with a new feeling. It’s there waiting for me and I’m ready for the next chapter in this exciting adventure called life with Fox and mommy.

Thanks for reading my Chicago article! I would super love it if you wanted to subscribe to my lovely stories and shared my journey towards finding my place. Today’s article was inspired by “Hooked On A Feeling.” Oh! Before I forget… If you want to see more awesome photos from my trip head over to my Instagram page and see more:

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My Throwback to a Chicago Trip in April

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