Are You A Helicopter Parent?

As a person who cares so much about how other people are doing, and for their well-being, it’s really hard to not be a helicopter parent. Before you start judging me for what I do let’s go over why some parents helicopter. I’ll warn you now, this list is not what you expect and some of you will be offended. Some of you will totally agree and feel my pain, and some of you will probably feel nothing either way – and that’s totes okay. DSC_0028A

Without further introduction here’s my list:

  1. Our children are destructive – this isn’t a bad thing, but it’s also not a good thing, especially in your house that’s full of breakable objects. Because of this, I have to be a helicopter.
  2. Our children are too rough – some kids just like to love…A LOT…and because your child is too sensitive to this, I have to be a helicopter for fear of my child “hurting” yours.
  3. Our children are wild & free – At home, our children are free and safe in this space. Safe from judgement, free to be who they are. In public, we are looked down upon with shame if we dare let our child be themselves. Because of this, I have to helicopter.
  4. Our children are LOUD – they use every wavelength known to them, and sometimes it’s all the loud ones. But because your child has sensitive hearing.
  5. Our children are explorers – kids are meant to touch, feel, lick, spit on, and understand their environments in anyway they want. Are there boundaries? Yes. Do our boundaries match up with yours? More often that’s a no. Because of this – we have to helicopter.
  6. You’re a helicopter parent – Because of this I have to be a helicopter parent too.

1915265_875443129243211_3405041796024169276_nThere’s so much more that comes with being a helicopter parent in the traditional sense and a crap ton of psychology behind it all, but the point here is, because so many parents are like this – young, old, middle aged – I cannot, not, helicopter my child and allow him to enjoy the world as freely as I would like. Instead of helicoptering your child and mine, maybe be more trusting and watch from a distance. Baby steps, mama – or daddy.

I’m sure that it will take time for you to become less helicoptery but know this, all us other moms…we’re here for you, to listen, to guide, to help you let go just a little bit. We promise nothing deathly will come out this, and maybe-just maybe-you’ll make a friend out of this. Open yourself up to the help of mothers – we’re a band of warrior women all across the world. We love you helicopter mom wherever you are, but we need you to let go – and get your blown glass collection on a higher shelf.

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Are You A Helicopter Parent?

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Sarah is the co-founder of Travel Foodie Mom, The Blonde Spot, and podcast host for Monday Morning Mimosas and Nerd Biscuit (coming soon). She believes life is better when you can embrace and she does just that.

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