Arizona Food Truck Foodie Pt. 1

If there is one thing that I love about Arizona, it’s the food trucks. From desserts to dinners, you can find it all. Of course, this blog will not capture all of the food trucks in Arizona (there are too many to name!), but will be the first in a series of food truck blogs.


Maine Lobster Lady

While this truck is amazing, she is only in the Valley for a limited amount of time, starting in November (she spends her summers in Maine). I highly suggest to visit her website to see where she will be. You will not be sorry! The Maine Lobster Roll is absolutely amazing. I actually visited her truck the last day it was in the Valley last year, so I have been craving lobster ever since! Is it November yet?


Boba Love

Number one, I love pink. Number two, I love boba. Number three, I love the fact that this is ran by a mother-daughter team.


Waffle Love

Yes, there is a waffle truck (well, actually a few), and it is delicious! The Pumpkin Pie waffle from Waffle Love is to die for! I would have ordered another, but I’m sure the people who saw me shovel the first in my mouth, leaving whipped cream all over my fingers and mouth, would definitely be judging me hard. Yes, I am in love with waffles.


Rock Star Hot Dogs

Chicago Dogs. That is all I have to say and your mouth should start watering. Pair it with some tater tots, and I call that a good lunch that will fill you up for the rest of the day. Okay, actually I didn’t expect the tater tots side to be as was as big as it was, so I ate tater tots for days!


Kruzin’ Cuisine

This food truck was conveniently waiting at the end of a 5K that I ran. I saw local and fresh, and ordered a Tandoori Chicken sandwich, because isn’t that what everyone craves while running 3.1 miles? Boy oh boy, it was delicious and I still felt healthy!


BONUS LOCATION: Queen Creek Feastival
Located near the Queen Creek Library, off Ellsworth and Ocotillo, the Queen Creek Feastival is a must-stop if you love food trucks. It is held every Friday night, year round, from 5:30pm – 9pm, and features a variety of food trucks each week, along with boutiques and music. Some must-try trucks that have been to the Feastival include:
Sodalicious – I tried the Key Lime Pie drink (Mountain Dew, Cheesecake, Lime) and Eternal Companion drink (Sprite, Blue Curacao, Peach). Yum!

Steel City Pierogi – I tried the Mount Washington with grilled onions, and wow, were they good!

BuzznBeez – I had the Catfish Po’Boy. I am a sucker for good Southern food and this hits the spot!

Norah’s Sweet Potato Pies – This isn’t a food truck, however she has been a vendor at several different food truck locations that I have been to. I have a sweet spot for her because she is from my home state of Michigan, but she can sure bake amazing sweet potato pies! I have lost count on how many I have purchased, but if I were on death row and had to chose my final meal, this is what I would choose…just give me the whole pie and a fork and I will die a happy lady


BONUS TRUCK: Taco Picasso

I know this blog focuses on Arizona food trucks, however I couldn’t leave this California taco truck off this list. They have a variety of street tacos, including cactus (yes, real cactus), and it is delicious!


This is not the end! Stay tuned for part II of Arizona’s food trucks…in the meantime, I will be scouring the Valley for amazing food trucks! Do you have a favorite food truck? Write it in the comments and I will scope out the location and will give it a try!


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Arizona Food Truck Foodie Pt. 1

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