Local Adventures: Adopting A Pet & Opening My Heart

Some adventures are closer to home than you would think. Adventures don’t have to last just one weekend, they can go on for a weeks, months, or even lifetimes. An adventure is defined as a typically unusual, exciting, and somewhat hazardous. Life seems to be that way more often than not, especially with a three year old at all times.

My adventure this month was adopting a dog. With so many animals being abandoned, abused, and left with nothing every day in Arizona, it’s crucial to help the lives of animals who have had no control over what happens to them. Now, with this adventure, unlike other in the past, I did some research and thought long and hard about making a a decision like this one.  Did I want to adopt a brand new pup, or an older dog? I decided to let spend a Friday afternoon playing with a variety of dogs that were available at the Follow Your Heart Pet Adoption Center. The adventure in this part of the pet journey was finding one that bonded with both Fox and I.

Holly of house Bettencourt.

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We found Holly. Her foster family had made her a cute sign claiming “your won’t have a Holly jolly Christmas without me!” and decorated the sign with flowers and bows. Fox and I couldn’t resist her happy little face and pleasantly plump body. Adopting a dog is no easy feat, there’s an adjustment period, ensuring you’re providing enough space, food, and outdoor time for your dog is just as important as finding a dog that you love.

Adopting an animal is a life saving chance that is only available for that animal a handful of times. Take a leap of faith on an animal who deserves to be loved after a lifetime without any. Give and you shall receive, more than you anticipated. Create your own weekend adventure that can last a lifetime with an adopted animal this weekend. How? Well, the only great thing to come out of Cyber Monday is free pet adoption day through the Arizona Humane Society. You can read more about the event here and see which pets are available for adoption here.

Create a lifetime of adventure with a pet today, but only if it’s right for you.

Are you awake?

A photo posted by Sarah Allison (@blondespot.sarah) on Nov 19, 2016 at 3:21pm PST


Local Adventures: Adopting A Pet & Opening My Heart

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