Making Chorizo Breakfast Tacos With TFM

There’s nothing quite like a solid taco in the south. Being close to Mexico’s border, Arizona is one of the premier states for taco consumption. Festivals are held multiple times each year in celebration of tacos and to discover the best tacos. Thus far the best taco places available are hole in the wall locations like Rudy’s or the Burrito Shack (if you’re in Mesa).

Going out to dinner every time you want tacos though isn’t exactly affordable for every parent out there, nor should you. Creating a home cooked meal is the best thing to do at home with your family. Sarah has put together a video walking you through the “how to” on creating simple, delicious breakfast tacos with less than 10 ingredients.


1 Lb of Chorizo – it’s best to hit up a Hispanic meat market and pick some up, but in a pinch you can grab some from Bashas.

Jalapenos – I like an extra kick and a half to everything I eat so I choose to use 1 whole jalapeno, but if you’re sensitive to spice I’d recommend skipping this one or add just a tiny bit. Cutting method? Mince it, mince it good.

Eggs – obviously you won’t need a whole carton, but one egg per tacos is best. You won’t scramble these eggs, you’ll cook the eggs over easy so pay attention to them or they’ll cook the entire part and you’ll miss the gooey center (best part).

Corn Tortillas – I would say any corn tortilla will do, but honestly no. The best corn tortillas aren’t any particular brand, but rather the way they’re made. If your corn tortilla has raw shaped edges – you’re golden.

Cotija Cheese – This cheese is the Mexican version of Parmesan cheese. It’s light and full of rich flavor.

Sour Cream – Just a dollop of Daisy. Lactose intolerant? Skip this ingredient.

Salt, Pepper, Cumin – A pinch of each per egg.

Snap a pic and tweet at us once you’ve completed your delectable dish.

Making Chorizo Breakfast Tacos With TFM

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