10 Gift Ideas For The Geeky Mom On Mother’s Day Under $50

Mother’s day is in a few weeks and as a nerd mom, I’m not terribly interested in anything that involves flowers and candy. I know quite a few moms that are the same way. You see, we nerd/geek moms absolutely love to collect our little pop action figures, lightsabers, and random pieces of art.

What do you buy for the geeky mom who has practically everything? We put together a solid list of 10 fail-safe geeky gift ideas nerd moms will drool over on Mother’s Day.

  1. Solar Orbit Necklaceitkv_solar_orbit_necklace
    For the space nerd mom. Pick up really freakin’ cool piece of jewelry if your mom is the type of woman keen on showing off her space knowledge. Buy it from ThinkGeek for $40.
  2. Star Wars Death Star Teapot & Mug
    jroo_death_star_teapotYou’ve all seen the R2D2 French Press that came out back in November, well now there’s the Death Star Teapot. Can I get a hell yes? ThinkGeek for the win again with this $25 gem! Bonus’ are the microwave and dishwasher safe points.

  3. Dragonhenge Braceletjnsh_dragon_wristlet
    Inspire your Game of Thrones loving mother of dragons with this Dragonhenge bracelet. She’ll be willing to set the rest of her jewelry on fire and win the arm party game among all her friends. Buy it here for $25.

  4. Doctor Who TARDIS Teapot
    ef6d_tardis_tea_potIf you’re not the biggest Star Wars fan this Doctor Who TARDIS Teapot will put your mom in the right mood for brewing a futuristic cup of tea. ThinkGeek has you covered for another gift under fifty. Buy it on ThinkGeek.com for only $29.

  5. Dragon Ear Wrapec54_dragon_ear_wrap
    You Mother of Dragons who has a little more edge to her look will slay the masters for a piece of jewelry like this. Heck, so would I! ThinkGeek is at it again and also has options for the left or right ear coming in at only $35. This gorgeous ear wrap is made with pewter so be sure your mom isn’t allergic to any specific metals.

  6. “Mother” T-Shirt Written In Chemical Symbols
    il_570xN.880780001_k8hc (1).jpgScience is fun, and mom’s use science in their everyday lives. How else do you think we rid the furniture of all those stains? For $20 you can purchase this super cute tee from Etsy.com.

  7. Harry Potter Grim inspired tea cupil_570xN.1048960764_c2zf
    When Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them came out, I geeked, your Harry Potter nerd mom probably did too! Bring back the memories of her childhood Harry Potter and help her live out a little bit of wizardly magic by discovering her own grim.

  8. Legend of Zelda Pint Glass Set
    il_570xN.893443407_b1ngFor the gamer nerd and loyal Zelda fan indulging in the medieval drink of ale, these frosted pint glasses will add a geeky touch to game night at home. Pick them up from Etsy user GopherStudios for $36.

  9. Star Trek Engraved Wood Chopping Boardil_570xN.1024391681_ai9b
    If your mom likes to cook and behave a little more archaic in comparison to the crew aboard the Enterprise, gift her this cutting board. Add a little galactic flare to every meal for up to $16.

  10. Beauty And The Beast Book Bag
    il_570xN.1194664583_qiywDid you and your mom see the new Beauty and The Beast with Emma Watson that just came out in March? I did too! I have a feeling your mum might be a bookworm if she identifies strongly with Belle. Give her something to carry all her (and yours) books in that’ll announce to the town she’s a strange girl. Put this in your cart on Etsy for $20!


Each of these gifts are under $50, prices in total may vary or increase over $50 due to tax and shipping and handling. Bottom line with gift giving on Mother’s Day is this, regardless of what you give her, she’s going to love it. Why? Because it came from you. As a mom myself, Fox could give me a half chewed toy and say “Happy Mother’s Day Mommy” and I’d be happy.

If you’re looking for more ideas on what to do for your mom (or wife/girlfriend) stay tuned for our DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas coming out next week.

Do you have an idea that you’d like share? Comment below or tell us what you think of these gift ideas!

10 Gift Ideas For The Geeky Mom On Mother’s Day Under $50

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