6 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Salt scrubs and “decadent” lotions are not what a mom wants for Mother’s Day. Even if you make them, or have your kids make them, moms still don’t want it. Why? Because we would love to see something made with more heart and soul than some beauty gift.

That’s not to say a mom wouldn’t appreciate it. A gift that’s thoughtful and created by a family or partner that has listened to a mom is what counts more. Moms of any age go goo goo for gifts covered in fingerprints and modge podge photos because it’s symbolic of the time it was made.

I cried more when Fox gave me a hand print bulb at Christmas than I did when we brought me a box of Sees Candies chocolates. Handmade, moreover, kidmade gifts have the biggest impact and ROI for the dad/partner.

Check out these 6 handmade gifts your kids can make for any mom (or grandma) this Mother’s Day.

Pop-up Bouquet Card

Mom’s love flowers but they only last a few weeks at best and then they wilt and die. Create a pop-up bouquet card that’ll last forever.

Watch First Media Blossom’s video tutorial for supplies and instructions.

Succulent Terrarium

Bring nature indoors and to her bedside with this DIY terrarium. What you’ll need: A half sized mason jar or stemless wine glass, half cup of soil, 1 succulent, tiny little rocks to fill the surrounding area of the succulent.

Check out diyprojects’s tutorial. 


Teacup Candle

Mom’s love to sneak away and have a private bath where color dyes are actually just bubbles. What you’ll need: A teacup (goodwill), soy wax (Michael’s), old metal pot (melt the wax), and her favorite essential oil smell (Michael’s).

Watch Hey Gorgeous’ tutorial.



It may seem kind of silly but we’re always making sure every cup has a coaster under it, so rather than buy some expensive $42 coasters, take the kids over to Michael’s and get crafting. What you’ll need: Ceramic shapes or tiles (number of members in your family), acrylic paint (one color for each kid), sponge brushes, and sealant.

These gilded coasters are great inspiration from Making Lemonade.


Earring/Ring Dish

If you’re loving mother loves jewelry and could use some extra storage make a ring dish. Head to Hobby Lobby and drop into the crafting section for supplies. What you’ll need: Wooden or ceramic dish, acrylic paints, sealant, sponge brushes.

Check out this cute marbled clay ring dish from A Beautiful Mess for inspiration.


Dotted Coffee Mug

Realistically you can do any design you want but this craft is especially fun for those developing gross-motor skills. Creating a dotted coffee mug with your tot will provide fun shapes and interesting color schemes. Here’s what you’ll need: Plain white or colored coffee mug, nail polish color(s) of your choice, and Q-Tips.  

Check out Woods of Bell Tree’s tutorial on how to craft a wondrous mug for mom.


Do you have any DIY projects that you’d like to suggest? Share them in the comments!

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6 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

6 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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  1. My mom loves candles. I might have to try in make the teacup candle. My DIY Mother’s Day gift for my mom will be baking her favorite cake.

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