Quickie Review on S’MOREgasbord Marshmallow Bar

Hey foodies! Marshmallows and s’mores are the absolute best…when done right. Fluff it marshmallows is gross TBH, but S’MOREgasbord is amazing. Watch our Quickie Review and our attempt to roast the marshmallows.

Complete with artisian flavors, S’MOREgasbord offers vanilla bean, chocolate, strawberry, and espresso. Custom flavors like champagne, bourbon, blood orange, and lavender are also available. I had the pleasure of trying out vanilla bean, chocolate, and strawberry.

Combining the flavors as one mallow together was excellent, neither flavor muted the other and complemented the combination of graham cracker and chocolate perfectly. The best part about these mallows? They’re made to order, gluten free, egg free, made with REAL ingredients and avoid any kind of preservatives.

Should I have my own wedding or major event in the next year, I’ll be calling upon Kaydee Lynn, marshmallow goddess, to cater my event.

Find S’MOREgasbord on Facebook, Instagram and here.

Quickie Review on S’MOREgasbord Marshmallow Bar
Quickie Review on S’MOREgasbord Marshmallow Bar

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