Take Coloring to the Next Level with Play With Bookz!

Disclaimer: Devar Kids gifted Travel Foodie Mom complimentary Play With Bookz for this honest review.

Who doesn’t love coloring? Most kids and adults, alike, share the passion for creating colorful masterpieces by staying between the lines. However, how often can you take your coloring to the next level? Well, now you can…and prepared to be amazed!

Play With Bookz are Augmented Reality Activity Books, which basically means that your creations come to life!

After you receive your books, download the free Devar Kids app on your smartphone or tablet (available in the Apple App Store and Google Play). Next, select your book in the app and enter the activation code on the back of the book to activate the camera. After that, choose your coloring page and get creative! You can color with crayons, markers, pencils, or whatever you desire. Once your picture is complete, scan the image (first there will be a red box, then the box will turn green). Lastly, watch your creation come to life!


Be prepared for a lot of fun! My child created his first, and since he had so much fun, I had to give it a try!


He raced the car he designed and colored against other cars, which he enjoyed! The car even had his name on it. I was in awe with the technology!

I chose the unicorn in the Fairytales book and watched it come to life. I had options to make it jump, gallop, and live on the screen of the iPad. It is addictive and I can see hours of playtime ahead!


These books would be PERFECT for road trips, airplane rides, or just for fun! I can only imagine packing a book, some crayons, and an iPad in your carry-on and surprising your little one with this book of magical adventures to entertain them for the whole ride.

Get ready to create your own adventure!

Books start at $7.99 on the Play With Bookz website. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Take Coloring to the Next Level with Play With Bookz!

Take Coloring to the Next Level with Play With Bookz!

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