Five Ways You Can Use Maca Powder & Black Seed Oil

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Health is such an important thing to me. I’m constantly looking for ways as a mom in which I am able to support my health and incorporate natural ways of healing and renewing my skin, hair, and body. With that said, I had the opportunity to try black seed oil and maca powder these past few weeks and am happy to share my experiences with them. Here are my top five ways to use maca powder and black seed oil in your daily routines.

Better Digestion 

I’ve been using black seed oil for the past two weeks and I’m happy to say that I’m definitely noticing changes in my skin and hair. I’ve been combining the black seed oil with my daily meals and definitely I feel that my digestion has been working flawlessly. I’ve only been using the black seed oil with pure food such as raw vegetables or with a fruit smoothie. Below you’ll see an image of a smoothie similar to the one I made.


Combating Bad Food Choices

Aside from food, my skin is beginning to look more even and my hair has begun to shine again. As moms, we have tons of stress and anxiety in our lives. These mental challenges tend to wreak havoc on our bodies internally and externally, to combat these issues I’ve been also taking 1-2 drops of the black seed oil daily. When there are days where I’ve given into temptation, be it heavy-greasy food, sugar, carbs, etc., I increase my liquid dose to 3-4 drops. If I have eaten well the day before, I stick to the recommended dose of 1-2. Again, this goes back to helping my digestive track and keeping everything inside working properly. I cannot stress enough how important this is for moms.


A Glowing Mom-Bod

Aside from making sure, our mom-bods are healthy internally, our outer appearance is important to us too. Around the same time, I began taking drops I used hair masks as well. My mom acne, which tends to flare up around my cycle, has calmed. I’ve incorporated the oil into my face care routine by combining it with my moisturizer. I highly suggest using this in combination with your skincare routine, if not permanently, temporarily. Not only has it subsided put a small handle on my acne, it’s given my face quite a glow.


Hair Masks

hair masks are awesome, especially when they combine natural ingredients! For my first hair mask, I combined the black seed oil with olive oil and juice of half a lemon. The acidity of the lemon will break down any product build-up while bringing through your natural highlights. It also helps loosen dandruff (if this is an issue you run into). Olive oil will moisturize a dry scalp as well as provide antioxidants to help battle free radicals. Free radicals are molecules responsible for aging and tissue damage. I left this mask in my hair for 20-30 minutes. After rinsing out my hair mask, my hair was noticeably shinier and wasn’t as damaged or tangled as before. Take a look at some of the before and after photos.


Maca Friendly Foods

I’ve been using the red Maca powder in fruit smoothies primarily, with a few tries in oatmeal, and in a latte. Maca powder is used to increase energy, libido (hey there, date night), and helps regulate hormone function – which is VITAL to those moms who gave birth to their kids. After using the maca powder I have felt more energetic and more balanced. My sister, a barista at Press Coffee took some of the maca powder homes with her and I tried it in a mocha latte which she said tasted really fantastic.


If you’re looking for non-coffee based ways to use maca powder, try it in your oatmeal! Simply sprinkle it onto your hot or cold cereals. Use 1 to 2 teaspoons, in this case, otherwise, the flavor may overwhelm your cereal…which I’ve definitely done and it wasn’t so great. Overall, the best way to use the maca powder is to use it rather tamely and do not overdo it.

Overall, use both or either of these ingredients as cautiously as possible, a little goes a long way and using more will cause some damage! If you’ve used maca powder or black seed oil, what have you used it for?


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  1. Thanks for sharing this. It’s very informative. My skin was very dull. After using black seed oil for the past three weeks, I notice changes in my skin and hair too. My sking is glowing now. Thanks to essentialnaturaloils for this product.

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