Taking McDonald’s to the Next Level

You may be thinking, how can you take McDonald’s to the next level? Well, lately we’ve seen new products added, a new value menu, an app for pre-ordering, all-day breakfast, and McCafe items, however, the latest change may be the best of them all. McDonald’s is getting a makeover! Think – modern, open, and tech-savvy.

The McDonald’s at 9955 S Priest Dr. in Tempe, Arizona were one of the firsts to get the full remodel. When you walk in, you are greeted with a digital kiosk in which you can customize your order to your liking. I’ve seen these in Chicago and Atlanta’s airport at fast food places, so it was interesting seeing one out of a big city.


The process was very easy, however, may have a learning curve for those who aren’t tech savvy. I previously worked in the restaurant/bar industry for about 10 years, so placing an order was second nature to me.

The one thing I noticed on the menu (that I haven’t seen in years) were that they have Mighty Kid’s Meals. You are also able to choose which toy your child would like, “boys” or “girls”. After placing your order, you pay with a card at the kiosk or cash at the counter and take a number. Your food is then delivered to the seat of your choice (and it was very quick!)


On top of the new ordering process, the playplace is very large and open, and the location is airy and has a modern feel. It’s almost like you want to grab a McCafe, grab a seat, and connect to the WiFi on your laptop to work.

Although we don’t frequent McDonald’s too often, we are excited to see the new changes and this may sway our decision in the future.


Are you ready for the change? Remodels are starting to roll out at all McDonald’s. What would you like to see different in fast food places?


4 thoughts on “Taking McDonald’s to the Next Level

  1. Georgia (the country) is starting to switch over to the digital ordering machines, and they’re so great! They’re multi-lingual, and I don’t have to talk to anyone. It makes getting my ice cream and fries on a bad day so much easier.

    1. Oh wow, I didn’t even think of the benefit of making the machines multi-lingual. That would be AMAZING for traveling and take away the stress of ordering when you don’t speak the native language. Excellent point!

  2. Living in Germany, we love these new digital boards! With the language barrier it makes ordering so much easier 🙂

  3. They’re really taking the smiles on kids’ faces seriously!

    By the way, where is the McDonald’s Ronald? There should’ve been a bench with him to take a picture with!

    If there’s a kiosk, that means you can walk around and enjoy a stroll while you wait for your order.

    According to the last photograph, that modular, 2-3 kid-floor tube slide seems like they’ll make any kid happy and awe at such a wonder.

    As things are going digital, so seem to be fast food joints.

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