Smart Cleaning Solutions While Traveling with Kids

Written by Guest Blogger, Zowie Ashton.

Traveling with kids is almost always related to hassle and panic. Why should it be this way when it can be a peaceful journey?

Most people prefer hitting the road by car, especially if the journey is long or in the presence of small kids. It is more convenient for all parties. However, it does not matter whether it is your first trip with your kids or tenth, traveling with them is always a challenge. There are a lot of things you need to take care of, starting with choosing a destination to packing up and keeping it all clean. Here are some tips and cleaning solutions that can help you have a worry-free journey and save you from going berserk.

Packing Shoes
To ensure that dirty shoes are not soiling your and your children’s clothes, take a plastic bag or a shower cap to wrap the shoes, then lay flat at the top of the clothes.

Packing Toiletries
Zippered plastic bags. That is all you need. Put all baby shampoos, antibacterial gels, soaps and other toiletries in one such bag. This way, if something breaks, it is all contained and that “accident” would be effortless to clean. Provide yourself with a few more bags, just to be prepared if something like this happens.

Wet Wipes
Having a pack of wet wipes always comes in handy. They are antibacterial and you and your family can use them before eating while traveling. Most people, especially my children, find it very convenient. Just grab a pack of wet wipes instead of carrying a hand sanitizer and most of your cleaning problems are solved. Plus, they are very cheap! One more advantage of the wet wipes is that you can also use them if there is something you do not like in the hotel room, like a dusty TV…or you can clean your shoes! Very practical!

Baby Powder
In case you are heading to some exotic destination with a beach, you should definitely take a small container of baby powder, no matter whether you are traveling with a baby or with a toddler. Kids love sand! When your kids are done playing on the beach, you do not want to drag sand as a souvenir to your car or home, do you? Just sprinkle some baby powder all over your children’s bodies and make them shake all the sand off. You will be amazed at how efficient it is! Baby powder dries the skin and separates the sand from the body.

Setting Rules
In addtion, traveling with children almost always means that your car is littered with toys of various sizes and types, wrappers and who knows what else. One big advantage of children who bring toys in the car is that they stay focused during the journey.Just in case you do not want your car to be littered with an infinite number of toys, set a rule. Everything that comes in the car, must come out of the car. Every time your children bring a toy, teach them to take it out when getting out. This way your car stays cleaner while traveling.

Another rule you can benefit from while traveling is to teach your children to hand you forward the already-used wet wipes, empty bottles, plastic cups, etc. When you collect all the trash, you can throw it away at once. Your car is not supposed to become a bin, right?

It is not that hard to stay clean while traveling, even in the presence of children. You just need to take into account some cleaning solutions before you begin your journey.

2 thoughts on “Smart Cleaning Solutions While Traveling with Kids

  1. When travelling with children, I’d carry water and towels and some little snacks (homemade ones) just in case they get hungry and need to clean up.

    If they’re not old enough, I’d bring a nanny along or have them stay at home!

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