C2E2 – A Family Friendly Con For True Nerds

C2 E2, a comic book focused convention in Chicago Illinois was held at the very beginning of April. Not only was it an excellent way to kick off my month, but it was also an extraordinary event that was well organized and put on by some very thoughtful nerds

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I HATE Flying, But I Do It Anyway.

I took a trip to Chicago earlier this year and this is a post I wrote as I flew off to the windy city. For those who know me, like Nikki and my family and friends, they all know how much I hate to fly. I’d rather take a train, bus, car, hell I’ll even […]

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My Throwback to a Chicago Trip in April

This past weekend I went on a business trip/personal adventure for The Blonde Spot and had an amazing time. It was a weekend filled with heartwarming moments, intoxicating experiences, and inspiring thoughts. My best friend is getting married in September and I have the honor of being her photographer. Before our adventure began we hit […]

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