Phoenix Comicon 2017 – Thursday’s Fiasco and Moving Forward

Needless to say, Phoenix Comicon 2017 was a mixture of the usual geekery, fun, long-night galavanting, and a bit of chaos that comes with going to a con with kids. When comparing PCC 2017 to previous years the crowds have definitely grown in size, and political stances. As you may of heard, on the first […]

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The BABES Act: Why It Is Great For Moms

The first time I traveled with my son by airplane, he was 3 months old. Traveling on a 4 hours flight, plus the extra 2 hours before the flight meant I had to pack a pretty large diaper bag. Diapers, pacifiers, formula (please, no judgement), bottles, burp cloths, blankets, and anything else necessary was packed […]

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