The BABES Act: Why It Is Great For Moms

The first time I traveled with my son by airplane, he was 3 months old. Traveling on a 4 hours flight, plus the extra 2 hours before the flight meant I had to pack a pretty large diaper bag. Diapers, pacifiers, formula (please, no judgement), bottles, burp cloths, blankets, and anything else necessary was packed in the bag.

I brought along pre-made formula that I could pour into the bottles as well as powder to mix with water to be prepared. At security, after the metal detector, they scanned my bag and made me take out all of the formula, then told me they had to open each of the liquids to test them.

Opening the pre-made ones would make them go bad if I didn’t use it within a couple of hours (and formula is not cheap!) Fortunately, they only tested one and gave me the others back. Of course, the flight was delayed by three hours, so if they had taken it all, I would have been in trouble!

Now, it will be easier for parents to travel! The Bottles and Breastfeeding Equipment Screening (BABES) Act has been signed by President Obama to require the  Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to better accommodate parents traveling. The TSA is no longer able to harass parents bringing infant food or milk through security and onto an airplane.

TSA agents will also be trained in the next 90 days on how to screen breast milk, formula, and infant feeding equipment. They will also have to provide reasonable, consistent treatment to new parents.

What a great holiday gift for globetrotting parents!


Source: TravelPulse


The BABES Act: Why It Is Great For Moms

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