Restaurant Marketing Services

Sarah and Nikki have worked in the social media and marketing world for over a combined ten years. With experience varying from local to national businesses they now turn their focus on to helping the California and Arizona food scenes grow their social presence both on and offline.

Services available for local and national brands are listed below. For pricing on packages and projects please fill the contact us form out below.

Ongoing Restaurant Reviews – $150

Travel Foodie Mom will highlight new menu items, Instagram each new dish, decorative element, interview, etc in addition to Facebook promotion. Each review contains a written review by Nikki Fica and a “Quickie Review” by Sarah Allison.

Click here to view previous posts. Click here to view Sarah’s YouTube channel and watch “Quickie Reviews.”

Help With Yelp! – $380

Yelp can be the singing goddess in your restaurant’s life or it’s demise. With Travel Foodie Mom’s “Help With Yelp!” package we will help you understand your customer’s concerns, frustrations, happy points, and how to improve your restaurant’s ratings and bring in more positive reviews.

Once your Yelp has greatly improved we believe you’ll have a better understanding of where to improve in and out of house efforts. We highly suggest using “Help With Yelp!” in combination with our Basic and Growing Foodie marketing packages.

Consulting – Ask for details

We’ll take a look into what your brands presence is on social media, the sentiment surrounding your brand, and where we help your brand improve. Consultations begin with an in-house visit to meet your brand’s marketing team and gain a better understand of your brands current efforts, where you want to improve.

Travel Foodie Mom will provide insight in the form of three in-office meetings with marketing staff to help implement new strategies, improve brainstorm sessions, and give new flavor to your online presence.

Basic Foodie – Ask for details

Our simple package offering work done on Facebook and Instagram – the premier social platforms for restaurants and food service providers. Custom curated content supporting the mission of your food brand and your local partners is by far the most valuable element of a great social media strategy. From videos, photographs, to Live events on Facebook and Instagram, your restaurant or food brand will win the hearts of locals.

Growing Foodie – Ask for details

Restaurants can experience a BOOM or BANG in business and on and up they go. At this point you may have been writing and posting your own social media content, maybe even your sisters niece who knows how to post. Growing restaurants need a polished, professional, and strategic approach to social media in order to sustain new growth and continue to reach restaurant patrons.

Travel Foodie Mom will create a customized social media marketing plan that will enhance your presence online, and enhance the experience of restaurant goers on a daily basis. This package include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, one monthly written review, and customized video strategy.*

*Video is limited to two Facebook Live Streams monthly and one Quickie Review. Quickie Review must be based off new menu items only.

Expert Foodie – Ask for details

Your restaurant has grown steadily over the years. You know the food industry, love your restaurant, but the food industry doesn’t know you and your digital presence isn’t reaching anyone new. In combination with a digital and print marketing plan, Travel Foodie Mom will manage and execute your digital presence and work with upper management in reinvigorate your print marketing strategy.

This package includes the following platforms:


Custom social media image design (Instagram and Pinterest)
Print Design (For paper marketing materials. In and out of house marketing)

Email marketing
Paid Ads Management

Food Blogger Events (1 monthly)
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