What We Did: Seattle, Washington

It isn’t very often that I get to explore a place with my family that I haven’t already visited. Crossing off 36 states visited, I usually play tour guide as my family experiences the location for the first time. For this trip, we decided to make it an adventure for all of us.

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10 Tips on How to Travel in an Airplane with a Toddler

You did the research, booked the ticket, and are now left with the worry of how to fly with a toddler. I’ve been there. How will my toddler sit still for 4 hours when he can’t even sit still for a whole episode of Paw Patrol? After multiple flights with my son, I’ve learned some […]

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My 9 Favorite Traveling Tips

I’m nomadic by nature. I’ve moved over 30 times in my 27 years, so it’s really no wonder I’m nomadic by nature. Traveling allows me to get outside my normal Arizona box and really dig into life outside of the desert state. With all this traveling it can become financially cumbersome and a little overwhelming. […]

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