10 Tips on How to Travel in an Airplane with a Toddler

You did the research, booked the ticket, and are now left with the worry of how to fly with a toddler. I’ve been there. How will my toddler sit still for 4 hours when he can’t even sit still for a whole episode of Paw Patrol? After multiple flights with my son, I’ve learned some tips and tricks along the way.

  1. Make sure all of your electronics are charged. It won’t be a fun journey when you get aboard a plane to realize you have an iPad at 5% and 3 hours in front of you. Find an outlet at the airport to make sure all devices are at 100%.
  2. Buy a new toy. It’s all about exploration, and when your toddler is given a new item, he or she will want to check out what it is all about. Mark off a little bit of time this way.
  3. Pack activity books, sticker books, and coloring books…and don’t forget the pens and crayons! Color with your little one and get into it. Ask questions to drag the time.
  4. Pack a blanket or stuffed animal. The comfort of home and something your child likes will put them at ease.
  5. Bring kid-friendly headphones. I am a huge fan of United Airlines, because for a small fee depending on the total flight miles, you can watch DIRECTV. On our trip to Mexico, we lucked out with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse marathon to keep my son occupied. Also, he loved looking at the flight map to see which state we were above.
  6. Bring a couple of books. We brought an Usborne flap book about airports, and the book is so entertaining, it covered about 30 minutes of fun.
  7. Download apps on the iPad or tablet that are available on airplane mode. Fun games, activities, etc. will grab their attention.
  8. Pack snacks. Whether you bring a pack of animal crackers or dried fruit, it is small and easy to store away until needed. Even a frozen PB&J Uncrustables is handy, since by the time you board the plane, it should be thawed.
  9. Talk about the vacation and what you are going to do or see. Are you excited to see the ocean? What is your favorite thing in the ocean? How big will the sandcastle be that you are going to build? Keep it engaging!
  10. Relax. If your little one happens to fall asleep, enjoy it!


While there are many more options, we hope some of these work for you! What traveling tips do you have at the airport or traveling by airplane?


10 Tips on How to Travel in an Airplane with a Toddler

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