National Hot Dog Day at Mugsy Dogs

Four out of seven days of the week, my dinner meals come from Home Chef (more on that in a future blog post), leaving three days of the week to decide what to eat. With yesterday being National Hot Dog Day, the choice was easy!

Recently, Mugsy Dogs, a once-food truck turned restaurant, open a place nearby in South Gilbert. I tried them out about a week after grand opening and knew they would be a hit! For National Hot Dog Day, they offered “Buy One, Get One Free Hot Dog”, so for a family of three, it was a good deal!

It was busy, but the line moved quickly and the customer service was on-point. I ordered the Slaw Dog, which is a Mugsy Dog, Mugsy Sauce, Chili, and Coleslaw, along with a side of French Fries. Now, before I go any further, the Mugsy Dogs aren’t typical hot dogs – they are spiral cut. My husband ordered the Mac N’ Cheese Dog, which is a Mugsy Dog, Mugsy Sauce, Mac N’ Cheese, Crumbled Cheese Crackers, and Bacon Bits, along with a side of Chili-Cheese Fries. My son ordered the Mugsy Jr. Dog with French Fries, along with a side of Mac N’ Cheese and homemade chocolate cake cookie.

The hot dogs are out of this world and the chili is fresh and delicious. I am a coleslaw snob, and their coleslaw passes the test! It’s not too creamy and not too dry, and tastes perfect combined with chili on top of the hot dog. The Mac N’ Cheese is unique and tasty…the crumbled cheese crackers and bacon bits set it apart and gives it an oven-baked texture. The kid’s Mugsy Jr. Dog was perfect for kids, just adding ketchup and mustard on top. The french fries were thicker than normal, which a great potato taste. Don’t forget their fry sauce as well!

Needless to say, we will be back! Note, they are not open on Sundays. Also, if you are not a hot dog fan, they do have a Mugsy Burger as well and their Onion Rings (I devoured the previous time) are very tasty! Mugsy Dogs is located at 3160 E Queen Creek Rd #101, Gilbert, AZ 85297 in South Gilbert.

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National Hot Dog Day at Mugsy Dogs

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