Phoenix Comic Con – A Throwback To 2015

Yes I know. It’s been almost two whole weeks since Phoenix Comicon, but I really needed to let my nerd high die down. It was an incredible weekend filled with glorious Star Wars panels and geeky trinkets. I learned many new canon items in regards to Star Wars, including the insane bomb shell that dropped last Friday. In addition to all of the awesome activities, I also met Katee Sackhoff and went to her panel on Saturday. She’s hilarious and come to find out plays Bitch Pudding on Robot Chicken.  Oh here’s an awesome vine of her behind the scenes as well.

I LOVED Comicon. When I say I loved it, I REALLY REALLY loved it. I wish I could go back each day. I felt at home among the other nerds and geeks. Everything I got excited over was met with an  “Oh my god, look at this too!” It was truly a spectacular time filled with many, many amazing moments.

Here are some of my top favorite moments:


Walking down to the convention center with my brother Jake, sister-in-law Jaime, their daughter Ava, and my son Fox.


Sitting in on the Star Wars Ring Theory Panel.


Posing in front of the Delorean!


While Fox took a nap, my niece Ava and I geeked out! She LOVES Yoda and was determined to give him hugs and loves any time we saw him.


Fox woke up and geeked out to R2D2. He loooves Artoo!



My brother, niece, and I checking out one of the really great artists at the con. I picked up a sweet Storm Trooper print that is shown below.


Met the Skull Kid!


…and of course Navi her self!


Here’s the print I mentioned above!

Special thanks goes out to my  my bro & his wife, Jake & Jaime, for coming out all day on Friday and letting me brainwash Ava who is totally in love with Star Wars now.

Phoenix Comic Con – A Throwback To 2015

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