Arizona Food Truck Foodie Pt. 2

We promised that we wouldn’t leave you hanging in part 1 of our food truck series! There are too many amazing food trucks and food truck festivals in the Phoenix area to not have a food truck series! Here is part 2 of our Arizona food truck foodie review:


Burgers Amore

Exactly what it sounds like…burgers, burgers, and burgers. But, not just any burgers, Burgers Amore serves freshly grilled beef, chicken, turkey, veggie, salmon, bison, and pork burgers. I chose the grilled chicken sandwich and curly fries and it was delicious!


Circle R Farm

Wow! Just wow! Who knew you could get crispy duck sliders from a food truck? The duck sliders also had mandarin oranges and cole slaw and makes you crave more. This is the type of truck that you will be talking about to friends and family for days. In addition to duck, Circle R Farm serves an amazing pulled pork, filet mignon, and turkey.


Queso Good

This food truck should be renamed as Queso Great or Queso Fabulous, because that is exactly what it is. This puts homemade quesadillas to shame! The Queso Good Dilla – Chicken Fajitas were amazing…and I think it may be because you bite into it and the sour cream and guacamole ooze out…yes, they are already INSIDE the quesadilla! Quesadilla heaven!


Cousins Maine

If you are a Shark Tank fanatic, like myself, you will recognize this truck. Unfortunately, the closest trucks to Phoenix are Las Vegas and San Diego, however they are worth the stop if you are ever on a vacation (see their website for additional locations). The lobster is to die for!


The Grilled Cheese Truck

Although The Grilled Cheese Truck does not run in Phoenix in the summer, it is a great food truck the rest of the year. Whether you get a plain grilled cheese or specialty grilled cheese (I had the Goat Cheese Melt with sun-dried tomato, whipped goat cheese, caramelized mushrooms, fresh arugula and balsamic on 9 grain bread), get a side of tomato soup and tater tots and prepare to be a kid again!


LOCATION SPOTLIGHT: Gilbert Farmer’s Market

Open on Saturday’s from 8am – 12pm in the fall/spring and 7am – 11am in the summer, the Gilbert Farmer’s Market is an amazing Saturday morning activity with the kids. With over 100 vendors, from food to products, food trucks to fresh produce and meats, there is a little something for everyone.


Bites Donuts

Bites Donuts is donuts meet elephant ears. Sweet and delicious, the blueberry crumble was delicious, and the the chocolate sprinkle was amazing! If you are in the mood for something sweet, Bites is definitely a good food truck for you to check out!


the uprooted kitchen

One of my most visited food trucks, I love the cheese crisp…and it’s not what it sounds like. The cheese crisp ingredients vary between different plant-based products. Unfortunately, they just said goodbye to their food truck, however will be opening an actual restaurant at Barnone in Gilbert’s Agritopia. We are very excited for the uprooted family to be live out their dream!


Local Lunchbox

Locally and seasonally inspired, Local Lunchbox’s menu changes depending on the produce. While at the Gilbert Farmer’s Market, they offered a variety of breakfast burritos. After taking one bite of the Greek Breakfast Burrito, I was in love. It was great paired with a China Mist tea!


This is not the end of the food truck series! In fact, we will be headed to the Great American Foodie Fest in Las Vegas next month! Stay tuned for additional food truck foodie blogs!


Written byNikki

Arizona Food Truck Foodie Pt. 2


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