Quickie Review On The Little Cake Pop Co.

The Little Cake Pop Co. is a local all-organic, allergy sensitive company based in Gilbert. Last week Nikki and I picked up our batch of cake pops, excited to try them immediately, I sat down with the best judge of taste, my four year-old niece Ava!

untitled-1The vanilla almond cake pop is really good! Best thing about it? Dairy-free. With most cake pops the consistency within is overly moist and almost makes you feel like there’s raw eggs in the cake pop still. Not with these sweet treats! The Little Cake Pop Company’s vanilla almond cake pop is the right combination of moist cake, and a frosting dipped outer shell, topped with pretty pink sprinkles any little kid will love!

Now, chocolate is most commonly everyone’s favorite flavor. Clearly in my quickie review – I LOVE IT. Texture, taste, everything is top notch. My only critique is on the overall size of the cake pop. The straw they are attached to is rather long, and upon giving one to my nephew and Fox, it was difficult for them to maneuver easily. When it comes to the actual cake pop, the size is a little on the small side. One thing I really enjoy about Starbuck’s cake pops are the fact that they’re a pretty good size and worth five or six small bites.

I like providing solutions in my day job, and will do the same now by saying increasing the size of the cake pop ever so slightly and trimming the straw size will bring a balance to the structural integrity of the cake pop. Regardless, these cake pops are delicious and worth purchasing for any event, or simple mommy outing.

Check out The Little Cake Pop Company’s Facebook page for deals and visuals on more exciting cake pops for Halloween, birthday parties, weddings, bridal showers, and more! For your viewing pleasure I’ve included some of my favorites below the video!

This post is not a paid or sponsored post. All free samples given to members of Travel Foodie Mom and it’s partners and families were readily available to any persons of the public who were fans of The Little Cake Pop Company Facebook page. 


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Quickie Review On The Little Cake Pop Co.

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