The Top 10 Donut Flavors From The Local Donut

Just like Homer Simpson, I freaking love donuts. The soft doughy frosting covered heart-attack breakfast treat is by far one of the most go-to staples of the breakfast genre. Sadly, in today’s world it’s nearly impossible to find the perfect donut, let alone, a donut that is worthy of being called “organic” or “made with all natural ingredients.” Bosa Donuts, a popular Arizona shop, has conglomerized the donut marketplace and is literally in the donut shops of many Arizona bakeries. But not The Local Donut!

Let the Trumpets call upon the clouds to part, and God himself to come down to Hayden and Thomas for a bomb-ass apple fritter (by far the BEST available at The Local Donut). I’m not kidding here, these donuts are fantastic. But with so many different kinds available, which one should you try? I’ve narrowed it down for you to the 10 best flavors you must includapple-frittere in your dozen donut box.

  1. Apple Fritter – If you’re going to run a donut shop you have to make a decent fritter, and TLD’s is better than decent, it’s godly.
  2. Blueberry Glazed Old-Fashioned – It’s a pretty self explanatory title, but hey, there’s not sogginess or overly crispness to this donut. Made with a blueberry batter then dipped in traditional glaze, it’s sure to be your personal favorite.
  3. Maple Bacon Raised – This ain’t no Voodoo Donut crap, this is legit maple glaze and perfectly cooked bits of bacon, made right in the shop.
  4. Devil’s Food Cake – Let me just say, they have four different kinds of devil’s food cake donut. Traditional glazed, chocolate dipped, chocolate dipped with cake crumb, and chocolate glazed with sprinkles (ya know, for the kids).
  5. Pumpkin Cake – Glazed in a delicious cinnamon nutmeg-ish frosting and made to perfection, this is your next fall treat. Ditch Starbuck’s crappy cold pumpkin scone and go here instead. You won’t regret it.
  6. Raspberry Filled – My dad came with Fox and I to pick up donuts and he loves a good jelly filled donut. He asked “Is this the powdered mix in the raspberry filled, or actual jelly?” The owner looked at him like he was crazy and said, “What is a powder mix?” Being that it was answer enough, we selected one, and ate the crap out of it. It. Was. Glorious. If you’re not a jelly donut person you will be after you eat this one.
  7. Oreo Cookie – I know what you’re thinking – Oreo Cereal – But it’s totally not, it’s a glazed raised donut with vanilla frosting and not-terribly-crunchy oreos. One bit and you’re swimming in childhood memories!
  8. Vanilla Bean Cronut – It’s a croissant donut filled with vanilla bean frosting and cornuttopped with a raspberry. If I need to explain more there may be something wrong with your tastebuds.
  9. Lemon Cake – Not many people can really nail down the lemon flavor without being overtly sweet, but TLD nailed it. Sweet, savory, and memories of lemon frosted cookies from The Girl Scouts.
  10. Donut Holes – While these don’t exactly count as a whole donut, you can purchase a dozen for a very small price and they’re Fox approved – The kid ate the whole bag. No joke.

Honorable mention: Nutella Cronut and frosted sprinkle cake.

Have you been to The Local Donut? Is your favorite flavor on the list? If it’s not, add it in the comments below and tell us what you think! We LOVE hearing about your favorites and adding them to our user faves list! In the meantime, give them some love on Instagram and Facebook


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The Top 10 Donut Flavors From The Local Donut

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