Noodles & Company SanTan: Mac & Cheese All Grown Up

Travel Foodie Mom had the opportunity to attend the VIP Social Media/Bloggers Pre-Opening Preview for the new Noodles & Company in Gilbert, Arizona. While we taste-tested several of the menu options, we also learned about the ingredients, store history, and limited time specials, and let us tell you, you will not be disappointed!

Noodles & Company makes real food, meaning no flavors, colors, sweeteners, and preservatives. They have real cooking, meaning 14 fresh vegetables are prepped fresh throughout the day, cage-free eggs, organic milk, tofu, and tea, and naturally raised steak, pork, bacon, and meatballs. In addition, in 2017, they will also introduce antibiotic-free chicken in all restaurants.

They are also kid-friendly, give back to charities, and have their own foundation. What an amazing company and great addition to Gilbert!


While all the dishes were amazing in their own ways (stay tuned for future blog posts), the one thing that the new Gilbert store has that you can’t get at any others yet are the Mac & Cheese All Grown Up options. Coming October 12th in all other stores, Noodles & Company SanTan was a step ahead of the game and started offering the three options starting during their Grand Opening on Monday, September 26th.

Here is a preview of your options:

Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese (with Frank’s Red Hot)



Bacon Mac & Cheeseburger



BBQ Pork Mac & Cheese


The Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese was all the goodness of buffalo chicken wings without the mess. The buffalo sauce was not overpowering, however gave it a good kick. If you are a bacon lover, the Bacon Mac & Cheeseburger is for you! It can be described as a luxury version of Hamburger Helper that will fill you up. If you are a fan of Southern-style foods, the BBQ Pork Mac & Cheese will be your go-to. The pork is tender and the BBQ sauce gives the dish a good contrast.

You would be surprised on how well the Mac & Cheese blends with all of the flavors in all of the dishes. In addition, the one thing that stands out is that the noodles and sauce are very smooth and are also topped with shredded cheese to give it an extra cheesy taste.

From pastas to mac & cheese, kids meals to salads, appetizers to soups, the choices at Noodles & Company are limitless! Plus, the regular portions are sharable (or great for leftovers). If you are looking for a great food place that has options for a variety of different tastes or for a catering option, Noodles & Company is right up your alley!


Which dish are you looking forward to trying?

Noodles & Company, 2975 South Market Street, Gilbert, Arizona  (480) 963-0255

This post is not a paid or sponsored post. All free samples given to members of Travel Foodie Mom were during an invite-only preview night.


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Noodles & Company SanTan: Mac & Cheese All Grown Up

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