The Thoughts of a Target Shopper

Every single time I walk into Target, it’s with good intentions. “I will only buy these 2 items”, however it turns into an episode of Supermarket Sweep, only my wallet is at stake. It’s even worse on a Friday pay day…or when you have gift cards. Today proved to be no different. Here are the thoughts of my typical Target run…

I just need to pick up some aluminum foil, an iPad charger, and a Tsum Tsum sticker book. I will run in and out.

Woah that is a lot of Star Wars stuff! No, no, no…go past it.

I’ll start near the groceries to get the foil.

Gah, do I really have to pass the home decor? I love this sign…I could put it in my office. Let me just put it on the bottom of my cart…what am I doing? This doesn’t match anything in my house or office. Why am I putting this is my cart? Okay, moving on…

Why isn’t the foil near the paper towels? Why isn’t the foil near the paper plates? Did they seriously hide it on purpose?

I have no idea where I am in the store, but just realized that eos makes a shaving cream…and it smells good and the container is cool. And I need to shave my legs. Okay, just this extra. Now where is the foil?

Where are the workers? I’ll check grocery again. Second time down the paper towel aisle and nothing changed…foil still isn’t there.

Ah hah, a worker…but is that Califia almond milk behind her? I had no idea they sold that here…wait, what is banana milk? Yum…chocolate banana milk sounds good in a smoothie.

Oh really, Halloween sugar cookies? Need those. They are so easy to make.

Control yourself! Find the foil! Asking this worker.

Who knew the foil was by the Tupperware?

Time to get the sticker book! Wait, I have to cross over the kids clothes to get there…this shirt is so cute! Need this.

Wait, why am I looking at the little girl clothes? I don’t even have a daughter…if only they had these cute clothes when I was little.

Seriously, how cute is this tutu?

Okay, sticker book…wait, have to pick up a birthday present for tomorrow, detour to the toys. So many toys, just grab and run…hopefully he likes it…

Back to the sticker books…seriously, every sticker book other than the Tsum Tsum one? Maybe they have a Tsum Tsum movie…actually I saw some comforters online…I’ll head over there.

Ohh a Tsum Tsum blanket…oh my gosh, this matching nightlight is adorable! And there is a matching rug? Maybe it is time to redo my son’s room…

Time to head to the registers and get out of here…wait, is that an area with everything pumpkin spice? Why are they doing this to me?

Okay, registers…

Wow, okay goodbye money…

(Halfway home)

Oh my gosh, I forgot to buy the iPad charger…

Every. single. time.

Written byNikki




The Thoughts of a Target Shopper

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