DIY Made Easy with The Maker Home

If you are anything like me, “Pinteresting” while laying in bed is a nightly ritual. After all, that mom life downtime is really the only “me” time I get! Searching through bucket list locations to recipes to DIY activities, while saying to myself that one day I will do them. However, as amazing and simple these activities look, I only attempt about 5% of the actual DIY activities that I pin. That will soon change with The Maker Home!

The Maker Home is a new, local small business that makes it easier to complete DIY activities and create standout, creative pieces for your home (or the perfect gift!) Whether you want to have a DIY event with your close friends or by yourself, there are various options.

From vinyl stickers to hexagons with printed backs, create the room of your dreams! Or, explore a DIY kit. September’s The Maker Home DIY Kit includes all of the raw materials to create a little chalkboard, while October’s kit includes the materials to create a wooden pumpkin spice sign.

We hope you will adore these kits as much as we do!

The Maker Home September DIY Kit –
The Maker Home October DIY Kit –


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DIY Made Easy with The Maker Home

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