Creating a Healthy Environment for Your Family

Reading the news and articles online, it seems like every breath you breath or everything you do may cause cancer or a fatal disease. While it is nerve-racking, the dangers of chemicals are prevalent in everyday things, from sleeping on a mattress to cleaning your dishes.

Although we prefer organic and natural products (keeping greenwashing in mind), we do not depend on it. However, I was thrilled to have an opportunity to receive complimentary products from Seventh Generation, booble, Annie’s Homegrown, and Stonyfield to test and review.

Did you know that cleaning product companies are NOT currently required to list all ingredients on the package because there are no regulations in place. But if companies don’t tell you what’s inside their products right on the package, how do you know what you’re bringing around your family and into your home?

Safe Products


Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation makes a variety of cleaning, paper, baby, and personal products with health and the environment in mind. You don’t have to worry about chemicals that you can’t pronounce or toxins that will make you sick over time. They are free from synthetic fragrances and dyes, and are chemical-free. It makes me feel a whole lot better not having to worry what my family is using!

In addition, in their values, they vow that they include every ingredient on the label. Since not all companies do, they started the #ComeClean campaign. It acknowledges that all brands should make their ingredients transparent.

You can learn more about the #ComeClean campaign here:


Annie’s Homegrown

We frequently purchase Annie’s Homegrown products because of the great taste and good ingredients. As an organic brand with no artificial or synthetic anything, it is hard to keep these on the shelves at my house! In fact, I caught my husband sneaking the rest of the box last night, leaving me with 3 cheddar bunnies to taste.

From cereals to pastas, snacks to meals, you can find Annie’s Homegrown products in almost every food aisle!



Now, I have never heard of bobble before receiving this, but I am a fan. I can’t tell you how many water bottles I have wasted by leaving them in a car, including full water bottles. Also, I grew up drinking tap water in Michigan, however in Arizona, I wouldn’t even take a sip to swallow a vitamin. However with bobble, it filters and infuses, which sold me on those two words alone.

The replaceable carbon filter removes chlorine and organic contaminants and is BPA-free. You can also place your favorite fruit or vegetable in the filter cages as an infuser, which is perfect since I struggle drinking unflavored water. This will definitely be attached to me, from errand running to the gym!

(Bonus: makes a great stocking stuffer!)


With the Healthy Baby Home Party Kit, sponsored by Seventh Generation, I also received several of these starter bags for friends with product samples and coupons! They were definitely welcomed and loved!

Lastly, there are thousands of different choices when it comes to cleaning products, food, personal products, etc. Consider all of your options and do your research. If an organic lifestyle is not your style, no worries! We are all different! Live life for what you see is right in your eyes.



(Disclaimer: We received complimentary products for this product review)


Creating a Healthy Environment for Your Family

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