5 Ways to Conquer Sickness During the Holidays

It is no surprise that the season changes and temperatures dip every year around the same time. Even in Arizona, where it can reach 120 degrees in the summer, it can drop to freezing temperatures at night in the winter. it’s about that time when your Facebook news feed is cluttered with people complaining about headaches, coughs, and congestion.

While the actual weather change doesn’t make you sick, it can weaken your immune system. So, what can you do to conquer sickness during this time of the year? Here are 5 ways to prevent and lessen the blow while you are down.

1. Get Rest

Although we believe that you are supermom, the added stress and running around will elongate your sickness and can wear you down. If you are able to, ask for help. Even if it is to clean up the house, do the dishes, or make a meal. If you are unable to get help, try to get enough sleep at night. While we know this isn’t always feasible, especially if you are a single parent, there are other ways to fight the sickness.

2. Hydrate

Being dehydrated on top of being sick will exhaust you even more. It is important to stay hydrated even before you feel sick, so drink up! If you have a hard time drinking plain water, add a little fruit or vegetables to add a little flavor (cucumber water is delicious!)

3. Nutrition

Emergen-C, vitamins, supplements, and so on…be sure to stock up on the basics. Pay attention to your nutrition and diet. Boost your immune system before to feel a little better and lessen the effects of your sickness.

4. Hygiene

Make it a habit to wash your hands thoroughly and often, especially when you are out in public. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and face. Teach your kids to also wash their hands, especially if they are school-aged kids or around other children.

5. Invest in a Humidifier

Nothing feels better than when you are suffering from cough and congestion, and finally are able to breath! We used to get cheap humidifiers, thinking it would do the job, however little did we know that they weren’t working as well as they could be. After testing Vicks® EasyFill Humidifier, we realized what the other humidifiers were lacking. 20161207_005429

Not only is the Vicks® EasyFill Cool Mist Humidifier very easy to use, but it delivered a quiet, visible cool mist that provided temporary relief from cough and congestion for better breathing and a more comfortable sleep. The Protec® Humidifier Demineralization Cartridge reduces white dust and the Vicks VapoPads® releases soothing menthol vapors. You can finally sigh a breath of relief while your are in bed at night!


Regardless, if you are fighting off a sickness or trying to prevent one, we wish you a happy, healthy season!




Travel Foodie Mom received the Vicks® EasyFill Cool Mist Humidifier complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes and was not compensated. Our opinions are our own. This is not meant to be used as medical advice.



5 Ways to Conquer Sickness During the Holidays

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