For The Moments You Can’t Be There

Motherhood is by far one of the biggest emotional roller coasters I’ve ever been apart of. I’m constantly questioning myself. “Am I a good mom?” “Will Fox think I’m good enough?” “Am I doing this whole parenting thing right, wrong?” Will he be able to love me when he gets older?

The answer is yes. Always yes. Even if you’re not me and still a parent who questions themselves, you are good enough. You’re strong enough, and you can do this. Why? Love. Love is the answer. Love for your child is always enough.

Before I worked from home, I worked in an office. It wasn’t easy since I was and still am a single mom. Coordinating child care, school, and making sure everywere Fox goes, is safe, is challenging. Even now that I do work from home, when I have to make a last minute meeting and find someone available to be with him, it sucks. Back in 2015, Fox was having a hard time falling asleep. He was screaming.

The kind of screaming you don’t want to know your baby is making. I couldn’t go into the room and hold him and tell him everything is alright. I couldn’t because I was working, and was unable to leave the office. Technology is pretty amazing that it can help in so many ways. Especially for those of you out there that were and are just like me. We never want to leave our child while we work and they’re growing up. Things like FaceTime, Skype, and other kid apps are incredible. You and your nanny or childcare provider can use it to work together and capture moments you might otherwise have missed. Or perhaps, if you’re like me, using an app to soothe a hysterical child who misses his mommy.


Loving your child doesn’t mean you have to give up your ability to watch them through their milestones, you just have to compensate a little. I’ve put together a list of the best apps you can use to keep track of your child’s milestones while you’re away and the nanny is there to play.

Tot Tracker

This informative app lets you create a (private) profile for your child and detail their progress through ages and stages. Track measurements, milestones, growth, immunisation and more with this handy free interface. It includes a diary and upcoming milestones (for the impatient/well prepared) too! For iPhone here.

Sprout Baby

This cute app tracks milestones and measurements for one or more kidlets. You can track feeding, medical details, immunisation, sleeping and more. It also features monthly developmental updates, to keep you informed about ages and stages. It’s super lovely to look at and you can store photos and all kinds of details about your child’s growth and progress. Download for iPhone here.

Cloud Baby Monitor

Tired of expensive baby monitors that aren’t the greatest quality? With Cloud Baby Monitor, you can turn any Apple device (iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, etc.) into a baby monitor with live sound, video footage, and noise/motion alerts. All you have to do is leave one device (safely) with your baby and keep one with you, download the app on both devices, and voilá! Purchasing this app does NOT mean you can replace a nanny or child giver with this app. You should always have a care giver with your child if you are not with them.


Build and share a collection of your child’s best moments while respecting their digital identity. By using Notabli, your kids’ photos, videos, quotes, notes, and audio clips are automatically organized, making it easy to find them later by kid, date, and location. The people you’ve invited to keep up with your kids automatically see the moments as they are posted and get email updates. Or share any moment with a simple link. This app is perfect for parents who are divorced and want to share moments of their child non-stop. Even if you aren’t divorced but have grandparents or family living far away, Notabli allows you to share moments and create a commentary on each milestone.

Baby Center – My Baby Today

This fantastic app tracks your baby’s development through pregnancy AND after your child is well into the toddler years. It’s a great way to keep track of what milestones your child should be hitting at certain ages.

Check out more awesome parenting apps for iPhone here.




For The Moments You Can’t Be There

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