New Year’s Eve Happenings This Weekend in Phoenix

It’s New Year’s Eve, Eve and many of us will be diving into family plans and reflecting on our life in 2016. Sadly, lots of terrible stuff happened. Dozens of American Icons passed away and the number of families spending more time in front of their mobile devices, than with one another, is increasing. Let that not discourage us from starting the year off right though! Here are five of the coolest happenings going down in Phoenix this weekend for singles, families, and friends.

  1. Lightsaber Memorial for Carrie Fisher at Tempe Beach Park

For those that grew up on Star Wars, the loss of Carrie Fisher, better known as Princess/General Leia Organa, is pretty crippling. Not only did we lose a major childhood icon, but we lost a HUGE mental health advocate. Carrie Fisher was an amazing woman and if you plan on paying homage to her this weekend sans a tattoo, then head over to Tempe Beach Park TONIGHT for a lightsaber memorial walk. The event starts at 7 PM, so there’s still time to change gears and head to Tempe.

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  1. New Year’s Eve At The Crescent Ballroom

So this is really not a family friendly event. But – call in the babysitter or park the kids at Grandma and Grandpa’s house for a night that’ll take you back to the years of your youth with the Crescent Ballrooms New Year’s Eve Bash. Check out the Kalliope Stage featuring Cormac, Osutin, Ascension, Sean Watson, Bennie Beatnik and Drip Drop Records Takeover. The 2nd ave stage has a ton of other great music happening at the same time. Yes, it’s outdoors, yes there will be tents (in case of rain) and yes there will be heat lamps. Drink up, uber down, and have a night out on the town.

  1. Happy Noon Year’s Eve!

Let’s get real. Sometimes all we want to do at midnight is cozy up under a blanket and listen to the neighbors fire off sparklers and potentially hazardous materials. That’s why the Phoenix Children’s Museum has created a Noon Year’s Eve celebration! At $14 per person, the Children’s museum offers sparkling apple cider, activities, crafts, and a super fun (and cute) dance floor to celebrate parent style. THIS IS ADULTING. Give your tot a peck on the cheek at noon Saturday morning in Phoenix and tuck them in safely at midnight.

  1. Celebrate In Ice Queen Style

You can slip into a classic pair of ice skates at CityScape in Glendale (right next to University of Phoenix Stadium), dine, shop, and skate the night away with your beau…and the kids! Ice skating is available for everyone in the family (sans anyone under the age of 2). The ice rink has three sessions Friday through Sunday, so check the website for times & updated pricing. After you’ve burned off all your energy revitalize yourself with great dining options and a lively night crowd. Hit up downtown Glendale for your midnight countdown and uber it home (just to be safe).

  1. Noon Year’s Eve At The Phoenix Zoo

Similar to Phoenix Children’s Museum, the Phoenix Zoo hosts a Noon Year’s Eve celebration each year for the entire family to enjoy. If your kids are animal lovers and enjoy a good outdoor activity hit up the zoo on Saturday for awesome activities, live music, and games! This event is included when you purchase admission to the zoo so be sure to take full advantage of your zoo excursion and celebrate animal style.

BONUS. Top Golf New Year’s Eve

This event is a little on the pricey side if you’re a family, but totally affordable if you split it with two other couples, or five other friends. Take it to any Top Golf in Arizona (or Vegas if you’re up for an adventure) and play UNLIMITED golf from 9 PM to 1 AM in your private bay. This unforgettable night of neon features live entertainment, a chef-inspired menu and plenty of music and dancing to ring in the New Year! Keep in mind though you’ll need to budget for food and drinks as this is not included.

However you decide to ring in the New Year – From everyone at Travel Foodie Mom, Happy New Year!

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New Year’s Eve Happenings This Weekend in Phoenix

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