Foods Michiganders Miss When They Leave the State

If there is one thing I miss about Michigan, it’s the food. From Detroit-style pizza to Greektown in Detroit, there are numerous places that you start craving as soon as you leave the state. Recently I went back for a visit and went to some of my favorite places. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to visit all of the bests that Metro Detroit has to offer, but I did satisfy my cravings on most. Here they are:

(Side note: I grew up in Livonia and surrounding cities, so this list favors the Livonia-area of Metro Detroit).

Almond Boneless Chicken

I don’t know what it is, but Chinese food in Michigan tastes so much better. One of the first places I ate at was Ten Yen Restaurant in Livonia. The egg rolls are nothing like what you can get here in Arizona, and the Almond Boneless Chicken is amazing.

Coney Dogs

You can’t go to Michigan without going to a good Coney Island. I went to one of my favorites, Senate Coney Island in Livonia for a good Greek salad and coney dog. I forgot to get rice pudding, as I usually did, but the coney dog hit the spot. Leo’s, National, Lafayette, American, etc. are also great coney places. I especially love the Hanis. Thankfully, I can go to Detroit Coney Grill in Tempe or Phoenix (Arizona) to satisfy that craving!

Detroit-Style Pizza

So, you’ve heard of Chicago pizza and New York pizza, but wait until you try Detroit pizza. PizzaPapalis in Greektown (Detroit) is amazing! It resembles Chicago’s deep dish, but is a little bit more tasty.

Biggby Coffee

Ah, I love Michigan-based businesses, and especially love Biggby Coffee. The chai tea lattes are smoother and everything tastes a lot fresher. I used to strictly go to Biggby in the mornings when I used to live around the corner and frequently wish one was nearby.


White Castle

Although they recently opened a White Castle in Las Vegas, I understand Harold & Kumar’s White Castle craving. They are a little taste of amazing, even if you have to pay for it later. Craving that Crave Case!


East Side Mario’s

This is one place I should have taken photos of the inside to share. It is full of New York memorabilia and looks like Vegas’ New York, New York. I remember having birthday dinners there as a child and having to stand on a chair holding a tomato during the happy birthday song. Not only is East Side Mario’s in Livonia full of memories, but it has delicious Italian food.

Olga’s Kitchen

My absolute favorite place to go in Michigan is Olga’s Kitchen. My typical order is a Three Cheese Olga (plain), side of Snackers, and an orange cream cooler. As soon as I got on the airplane I started craving this again. Oh Olga’s, come out to Arizona please!

Places that we didn’t make it to were Bates Hamburgers in Livonia, Penn Station in Westland, Mama Mia’s in Redford, Dearborn Italian Bakery, Astoria Bakery, and so many more.

Plus, you can’t forget Bettermade Chips, Faygo, Vernors, Sanders, Mackinac Island Fudge, Superman Ice Cream, Big Boy’s, Mr. Pita, and many more products that are hard to find, if you can find them at all, when you aren’t in Michigan.

Food tour of Metro Detroit, anyone?


Foods Michiganders Miss When They Leave the State

6 thoughts on “Foods Michiganders Miss When They Leave the State

    1. Agreed! Buddy’s Pizza actually will ship (although it probably won’t be the same) and at least in Arizona, we can find Faygo at some gas stations and Bettermade Chips at Detroit Coney 🙂 Still miss going up to a party store to get them ha.

      -TFM Nikki

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