Disney Movie Review: Moana


Although Moana has been at the theaters for over a month, as a Disney lover, it has become one of my favorites. From the female, Pacific Islander lead character to the soundtrack, it has something for everyone to love.

Taking place on the small Polynesian island of Motunui, the mystical heart of the goddess Te Fiti was stolen by the Demigod Maui, and he was attacked by the lava god, Te Kā, in which the heart was lost.

Moana, who is the daughter and heir to the chief, is the lead character. She was chosen by the ocean, by receiving the heart, to help their village when the vegetation was dying and fish was scarce.

We follow her through strides with her father, the fight to help her village, and girl power to take charge. She was determined, willing to learn, and a strong leader, which makes for a great role model for girls and boys.

I took my almost 4-year-old son to the theater to see the movie and he sat through the whole thing and loved it. We still listen to the soundtrack frequently! I would definitely recommend this movie and will be pre-ordering the movie on DVD!


Disney Movie Review: Moana

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