A Makeup Tool Moms NEED In Their Life

I’ve been using Le Shock for four whole days now. I love this mascara. Not only do I use less mascara when I go through my makeup routine in the morning, but my lashes are more voluminous, thicker, and darker. Before I had been using CoverGirl mascara. Typically I applied 5-6 layers of mascara and in total spent a little more than 10 minutes just working on my eyes each morning.

As a mom who’s always looking for makeup that will give me a natural, flawless look while saving time, YSL does the trick. While typical mascara is around $6-10 per tube, YSL Le Shock comes in at $29. But considering how it actually achieves the look so many other mascaras claim to, in my opinion it’s worth the cost.

Let me walk you through the last four days just to prove how boss this mascara is.

Day 1: My son and I had his cousin Ava spend the night, through many hours of rough housing, playing, sweating in the kitchen and rolling around on the floor. My eyelashes held up under the pressure. Furthermore, I spent about 10 minutes unwrapping my new Tuft & Needle bed which required much movement.

Day 2: I attended a memorial service for my uncle on this day. I gave the eulogy and spent much of the day crying. Aside from normal minimal leakage, my eye lashes still held up length and color.

Day 3: I went to Movement Restoration in Scottsdale for a massage and adjustment. With my face laying into a headrest for a full hour I experienced a little smudging under one eye, but no flaking, and for the most part the mascara still held up.

Day 4: This was a completely average day where I ran errands, went to the grocery store, and did it all in the pouring rain. The running in and out of stores and shops drenched me with rain but again, the mascara looked just as it did when I had put it on that morning.

If you need a little visualization as to why I claim this mascara Check out my before and after photo below.


I received a free version of YSL Le Shock Mascara for writing a review about YSL Le Shock Mascara on TravelFoodieMom.com and our social media channels.

A Makeup Tool Moms NEED In Their Life

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