Why Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya Is Great For a Family Vacation

We aim to do at least one International or big vacation each year, and to wrap up 2016, we ventured to Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. We first heard about the resort from a commercial, which spotlighted the kid-friendliness and beauty of this all-inclusive resort. Located about an hour from Cancun, Hard Rock Riviera Maya is great to bring the kids or have an adults only getaway.


The difference in this resort is that there are two sides, one family friendly and one adults only, which gives you the best of two worlds. From tropical views to white sand beaches, Hard Rock memorabilia to all-you-can-eat 24/7, the memories you create will be everlasting.


Since it was approaching my 30th birthday, my husband and I wanted to go a little bit bigger for this trip, however still wanted to bring our son with us, so this seemed like the perfect resort to make everyone happy…and it was!


We decided to make a long weekend out of our trip, and being the first time in that area, our family vacation was more like a family adventure. Thursday was our travel day, however we still finished off the day by roaming around the resort and getting dinner and dessert. On Friday, we explored, swam, ate, and created a lot of memories. We ventured to Tulum to tour the ruins and town on Saturday, followed by a kids theater show at the resort. While on Sunday we spent the entire day on Isla Mujures, checking out both sides of the island. Lastly, we traveled back home on Monday. So, as you see, we were go, go, go the whole time, but couldn’t have asked for anything else (other than another couple days there)!


Now, we didn’t go to the adults only side of the resort, however the family side was fantastic! From multiple pools and jacuzzis, a water slide (which I went down many times!), splash pad, kid pool, and beach, you could spend all day in the water. Want to go to the spa? They have an on-site daycare as well! With quick grab and go foods to seated dining, the option is yours on how you want to spend the day! However, don’t forget to get a margarita or strawberry daiquiri. Oh, and soft-serve ice cream is all-you-can-eat…how amazing is that?


Overall, our stay at Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya was absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a getaway, whether with family or not. (affiliate link)

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Why Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya Is Great For a Family Vacation

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