Why We Opted to Travel for My Child’s Birthday

When you think of a fourth birthday party, you may think of Chuckie Cheese, Paw Patrol, pizza, and a lot of kids. This year we opted out of the typical birthday party and asked my son what he wanted to do. Now, he is not the average child. He asks to go on a vacation while driving or flying back from a trip, has a goal of going to all 50 states, and has a strong interest in learning about different cultures. Since he isn’t in school yet, he doesn’t have a classroom of kids to invite, which also makes things easier.


Before my son turned two years old, he memorized the names of all of the 50 states and where they are, so his interest in traveling started young.


So where did he decide to go for his birthday? After multiple options to choose from, my son chose to spend the weekend at a cabin up north, in Pine, Arizona. We were hoping for snow, but didn’t get that lucky.

The cabin was beautiful! From sitting around the fireplace to checking out the small town and food places, everyone enjoyed the trip. Family even drove up for one of the days to celebrate and eat cake. We created memories and to this day, my son asks about the cabin.



As a side note, if you ever venture up to Pine, Arizona, the foodie in me highly suggests The Early Bird Cafe. The breakfast burritos are huge and biscuits and gravy are to die for! Plus, they have Mickey Mouse pancakes!


Will we do it again? Sure, if he wishes to! He got his travel bug from me, so I don’t mind! Let them be little, let them explore!

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Why We Opted to Travel for My Child’s Birthday

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