Pipsticks: Are You Ready to Stick ‘Em?

When I was in 2nd grade, I had a HUGE sticker collection, however, after a lot of thought (and not wanting to set up a lemonade stand), I cut each out to make individual stickers and put them in a box. I recruited a friend and began my entrepreneurial journey (well, sort of).

We took my box of stickers and went door-to-door in our apartment complex (thinking about this now, it definitely wouldn’t fly nowadays!). We sold the stickers for 10 cents for the small stickers and 25 cents for the bigger stickers. People actually bought a bunch of them!

Now, I don’t remember how much we made or how long I did it for, but whenever I think of stickers, it reminds me of my early “business” days. When Pipsticks offered us complimentary samples of their sticker subscriptions, I couldn’t turn them down!

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Created by a mom of four, Pipsticks is a sticker subscription for kids that inspires creativity. Whether they are puffy, sparkly, or scratch n’ sniff, the stickers are unique every month, which will grow the anticipation!

Since we travel often, Pipsticks has come in handy for road trips, restaurants, and airplane rides. In addition, we even set up a reward chart at home with the stickers!

As a BONUS, these sticker packs aren’t just for kids…there are adult sticker packs too! I am just a little obsessed!  Starting at only $9.95 a month, the sticker packs come with sheets of stickers (7+ sheets in petite and 15+ in classic), craft paper, a postcard, a coloring sheet, and more. Perfect to throw in your “to go” bag!

Click HERE to order your Pipsticks subscription and save 20% off the first month of ANY regular (non-gift) subscription with coupon code TRAVELFOODIEMOM

Where would you stick ’em?

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Pipsticks: Are You Ready to Stick ‘Em?

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