Rockabye Fox and Mommy: Review of Sleep Zzz Pillows

I love to sleep. I wish I could say the same for my child. Fox tends to toss and turn causing him to wake up in the middle of the night, crawl into my bed, and unintentionally shove is cold bare feet into my kidneys. Most parents understand the struggle and want a quick fix that doesn’t involve a crying kid at 3 AM.

So what’s a parent to do? The “Focker Method?” Maybe the “Ferber Method?”


Look a little deeper into how comfortable your kids are while sleeping. Just like your mom used to explain, “If you’re cold, the baby is cold. If you’re hot, the baby is hot,” if you’re uncomfortable while you sleep, your kid probably is too. It may not be the most scientific explanation but our sleeping habits came to a point where I was willing to try anything. I missed sleeping alone in my bed.

Sleep Zzz Pillows offered us a free product to test out. They sent over their new adult sized pillow and being that each pillow similar to it are essentially the same,  both Fox and I tried it out.

Sleep Zzz Pillow Fox
Night One: 

I gave Fox the new pillow on the first night to see if it helped adjust his sleeping patterns. Full disclosure, Fox is 100% a stubborn sleeper. I read him his normal three or so books, starting with Beekle and ending with Clifford’s ABC’s. We brushed our teeth, washed our hands and face, then I tucked him snugly in bed underneath his campsite print sheets, four foxes, and the Sleep Zzz pillow. With a kiss on the forehead, he was off to sleep and within an hour he was passed out cuddled between the arms of the new pillow. He stayed in his own bed until 5:30 am. It may not have been the entire amount of time I slept for but I’ll take it.

Night 2: 

Now it was my turn to test out the pillow. I tucked Fox into bed, same routine as the night before, sans the new pillow. After a few hours of some household chores and dish duty, I crawled into my bed and nestled myself between the arms of the pillow. Combined with (what I call) the power of back support on one side and full-frontal support on the other, I slept until Fox came sneaking into my bed and cuddling up next to the same pillow.


Sleeping like a baby has been a dream of mine since, well, I had a baby. With the Sleep Zzz Pillow Sleep Zzz Pillow I now have that chance and so does Fox. As two restless sleepers it can be difficult to find a method or product that works for us both at a cost lower than the mental anguish “crying it out” offers. “The shape and the depth of the pillow helps surround the child and makes them feel secure. It will give your child support as if they are being held,” and who doesn’t want to be held at night?

With it’s multiple color options, kid v. adult sizes, and (this one is for you new moms) a breast feeding option, this pillow offers a soft and cushy supportive version of sleep that many parents believe comes after the kids turn ten.

Children also love the super soft removable / washable cover. The fabric has a 3mm pile which make it super snugly!

My suggestion? Purchase the Sleep Zzz Pillow for you and your kids. You pick yours up by clicking here, and check out their Facebook page and if you’re not convinced check out some of their testimonials. After our two nights of restful sleep, we’ll be purchasing our second pillow this month.


*Sarah received the first Sleep Zzz Pillow free as a means to test out the product and provide insight on the quality of sleep provided with the adult sized pillow. Sleep patterns with the child size pillow may vary.

Rockabye Fox and Mommy: Review of Sleep Zzz Pillows

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