The Best Places To Grab A Cup of Coffee and Read A Book

Weekends tend to be a savior of mine. Especially so after a week of long hours and minimal breaks. For many other working parents and people enjoying a warm cup of coffee Saturday morning while reading a book, the newspaper, or listening to music is a godsend – a rare one for those with small children like themselves.

Every other weekend, my son visits his dad and the excitement of a coffee adventure awaits me. I’m keen on trying new places, new coffees, and feeling out the ambiance. I’ve scoured the Phoenix Valley to find the best coffee places to decompress – not just on the weekends – any day of the week. With this list I’ve pulled in the best coffee places from East Valley locations. Why? Because they deserve love too.


Peixoto Coffee – Chandler, AZ
I’ll admit – I’m not so great of a driver so when I had to pay a speeding ticket in Chandler, AZ, I was not exactly excited about it. As a pick me up I selected to tryout Peixoto coffee. They’re in the main downtown area of Chandler so no drivethrus here (I prefer that). Upon walking into the coffee shop / roastery your nose is instantly filled with the unique espresso blend they use in their drinks. I’m a traditionalist in terms of how I like my coffee (black or with minimal cream) so I opted for an iced coffee (it was hot, okay?) and my mind was blown. Sweet, balanced taste and clarity to the bean. Add a drop of cream and it’s like drinking a dream.

The atmosphere was super chill and if you were to walk in on any given day you’d be surrounded by people of the same mindset and computers. It’s a hipster’s paradise.

Kid friendly? Yes – they’d be bored though. Expensive – Nope. Parking? Traditional street.


Coffee Rush – Gilbert, AZ

I have had many a meet and greet at this spot. It’s either super busy, or super quiet. My favorite part about it is the optional outdoor seating with string lighting. Coffee Rush has an equally chill atmosphere, but it’s more family oriented due to the immense space available both in and outdoor.

Coffee here is more of a medium roast compared to that of Peixoto, but is still great as a simple cup of black coffee. Read the paper or you favorite set of books here on any given afternoon.

Kid friendly? Yes – lots of space to roam. Expensive – Nope. Parking? In front.


Bergies Coffee – Gilbert, AZ
This shop is by far the most unique on the list as it’s set in downtown Gilbert among the rest of a Hipster’s paradise. Downside, it’s now located next door to Whiskey Row (not a fan). Try to stay away during late afternoons and night time as the noise from the bar next door pumps up, BUT do come and stay a while in their garden, back of house couch area, or around a garden table with friends. Bring the kids as there are lots of beautiful garden pieces to look at, and it’s outdoor so your kids will be getting fresh air!

Coffee here is locally roasted, served in a ceramic cup, and made to your liking. With various tea, coffee, latte, and drink options whoever you meet here will be fully satisfied with choices. Bergies actually works with a variety of farms from Central America to Africa, which makes for an authentic, aromatic brew.

Pastries are also available and very delicious. I suggest Christmas time and picking up an everything cookie – literally the best.

Kid friendly? Yes. Expensive – Nope. Parking? Street or lot parking.


The Coffee Shop – Gilbert, AZ
If you’ve ever been to Downtown Gilbert or Joe’s Farm Grill, you know that the family pulls together only the best restaurants. The Coffee Shop is by far the second best investment they’ve made. With not only immense drink options including great locally roasted coffee, you can pretty much eat lunch here. Breakfast sandwiches are the best, with their BLT style sandwich as a close second. Let’s talk about the most important part – the coffee. Brewed is good, espresso is the best and if you’re in the mood for a chai tea latte – DO IT.

A simple espresso shot or an Americano is the way to go here. With a smooth, sweet taste their espresso blends are roasted to perfection.

Kid friendly? Yes. Expensive – Nope. Parking? Street or lot parking.


Inside The Bungalow – Downtown Mesa, AZ
Located on the quiet side of Downtown Mesa next to the Idea Museum, you’ll find this quaint coffee shop / wedding venue. This cafe has served an assortment of natural and organic foods and works with the best vendors to ensure quality and taste. Sounds super markety right?

Best known for their Veggie sandwich (Enlightened One), Vegan Tofu Curry, Chicken Waldorf, and Chicken Curry. It’s all amazing BUT the Chicken Curry is simply delicious. Their coffee is pretty good too as a side to the meal, but it’s more about the ambiance and immediate access to other entertainment options should you finish reading your book earlier. Since Inside The Bungalow is a wedding venue you can expect the inside and out to be pristine and really romantic. I highly suggest having your local book club meeting here and bringing your partner downtown for a local low-key weekend afternoon.

Kid friendly? I want to say yes, but you’d enjoy this location. Expensive – Nope. Parking? Street or lot parking.

Did your favorite coffee place not make the cut? That’s totally fine – I try coffee shops out all the time and love to visit new places. Send your coffee spot in the comments below and let’s meet up for a cup.

The Best Places To Grab A Cup of Coffee and Read A Book

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