I’m a Mom, and You Can Judge Me

It seems like everyone nowadays has their own opinion about everything, and it’s okay. You are entitled to your own opinion. However, when your opinion turns into mom shaming, that’s a different thing. Of course, it makes us question if we are doing something wrong or if we are a failure of a mom.

All I can say is, let them judge and be the best mom that YOU feel is right.

I had my son before I was married. I was induced and opted for “the drugs”, rather than a natural birth. I didn’t breastfeed…didn’t even try. I coslept, and still do to this day at times. My son was in diapers until he was three. I am a work-from-home, business owner, stay-at-home mom that admittedly has too much on my plate most of the time. We eat occasionally food and sugar and dine-out. We travel a lot for fun, including internationally. My house isn’t tidy. I don’t limit screen time. I kiss my child on the lips. Most of the time, I am a hot mess. We don’t go to church and my son hasn’t been baptized. My son goes to sleep late and wakes up late. I let my son wear pink if he wants to. We have more toys than a daycare center. I don’t want any more children and am fine with my son being an only child.

But what does this matter? I just listed all of the “bad” things that I do as a parent. The things that people judge so quickly. However, what they don’t see is that I work hard to get my son what he deserves and people laugh at when I say “I don’t sleep”. I left a full-time salaried, supervisor job to stay home with my son by choice, to spend time with him while he is little. My son is loved and knows it. I am cherishing this time while he is young, although he says he is a “big boy”. He has my support in whatever he does and makes him happy, whether it’s playing hockey, traveling, or anything else. I will always be that mom in the stands that is a little too loud when my son scores a goal. I strive to be the best mom I can be every single day, even if I don’t get that well-deserved “me” time.

You can judge me on all the little things and be nit-picky at how I parent, but what matters is that I parent the way I see right and I see fit. You CANNOT judge me on the fact that I know I am a good mom. Although I may doubt myself at times and break down in tears of stress, I know what I am doing is the right thing.

So, judge me. Judge me on how I parent. Nobody is perfect. Everyone is different and has different opinions. Ignore the naysayers and be the best mom that you can be.



I’m a Mom, and You Can Judge Me

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