Health and Wellness Products From Young You – Worth The Try?

Disclaimer: Travel Foodie Mom received these products for free in exchange for an honest review.

My personal health and wellness are incredibly important to me. As a single mom, I run myself ragged, just like the other single moms out there (I see you) and tend to neglect my desire to lose some weight and keep up with it. I’ve tried supplements, pills, ItWorks, dieting, low carb, and more but none of it has seemed to help much.

Finding the right path to follow when it comes to the subject of weight loss is a journey in of itself. I believe that losing weight and keeping up appearances is a whole body effort, not just honing in on one thing at a time.

As part of my on-going effort to improve myself for the sake of my happiness and son, I tested out some products from Young You, a health and wellness company from California and FDA approved. They’ve been spending their time perfecting their products for the last ten years and I think they have three winners.

Organic Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil.

I’ve only spent a little less than a week fully testing out each product but love this one the most. While this isn’t a solution to completely remove the appearance of or actual cellulite, it has helped reduce the appearance and give my skin a soft glowing complexion. The benefits of using this oil were, of course, seeing the appearance of some cellulite disappear, some skin tightening, and the oil had a nice scent to it. Most people will experience the oil absorb well into your skin whereas I experienced a longer time between applying the oil and my skin absorbing it. Overall, this product over an extended amount of time can produce desired effects.

Easy E-Z Weight Loss Tea

I’m not a huge fan of tea and I’ll be the first to admit that taking this tea out of the package didn’t exactly entice me either. Being a woman who’s willing to try anything though I gave it a shot. Consuming this tea morning and night never became a chore and once heated, the tea’s taste was significantly better than some of the detox teas on the shelf at Whole Foods.

Now, this tea describes itself as a weight loss solution and it is. I love this tea not for its taste, but for its ability to help reduce hunger throughout the day and truly rid my body of toxins. I have seen a reduction in my face most prominently and will be excited to continue to use this tea in the coming weeks to see its full effect.

Exfoliating Double-Sided Bath Shower Body Sponge

This product was my absolute favorite. The aroma that filled my bathroom each time I used it was incredible. During each use, you’re supposed to use the softer side first and move onto the exfoliating side after. As a test one morning I scrubbed half of my body and left the other half undone (obviously I used normal soap), the difference in softness on one side of my body versus the other was pretty incredible. Typically, my skin is super sensitive to any kind of skin care product, I was happy to experience no such thing with the Exfoliating Double-Sided Bath Shower Body Sponge.

Using this product in combination with the Cellulite Oil was excellent and I highly recommend using both products together for optimal results.

If you want to try out these three cool products or any other Young You products available, you can take 25% OFF with code INSTA25OFF at checkout!

Find other women’s transformations and reviews on Young You products by visiting Young You on Facebook and Instagram.


Health and Wellness Products From Young You - Worth The Try?Health and Wellness Products From Young You - Worth The Try?

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