What We Ate: Albuquerque, New Mexico

We boarded our late night flight headed for Albuquerque, New Mexico to arrive around midnight to spend a quick day and a half in the Green Chile capital of the world. Although we went for my cousin’s high school graduation, I insisted on trying a few of the local restaurants and devouring New Mexican green chile.

First off, I was proud of my 4-year-old, who has now memorized the airport routine. Traveling as just the two of us, I was thankful that he was an angel at the airport and on the airplane. In fact, when we landed he told me, “Mom, I didn’t like the plane ride that much. I just liked spending time with you the whole time.” It was enough to melt my heart.


Since we stayed at a DoubleTree, of course, the first stop was to the front desk to get cookies. I couldn’t tell you how many cookies we ate during the trip. It seemed like we always had some on hand. Could you blame us, though? They are only the best cookies ever!

Art on a building across the street from the hotel

For breakfast, we decided to try the hotel restaurant, La Oja Restaurant. I had the New Mexican Benedict with, can you guess? Green Chile! It was excellent and I was impressed by the hotel breakfast! Afterward, we stopped by the Starbucks in the hotel lobby and headed up to the room to get ready for the graduation.


Fast forward to after the graduation. We ventured to Buffet 66 at the Route 66 Casino and it had the most selections I’ve ever seen at a buffet. No wonder why Yahoo! Travel named it the best buffet in New Mexico! With seven live cooking stations and over 200 menu choices, including Pacific Rim, Southwestern, International, and Meditteranean, it is sure to please everyone in your party. Not to mention, it has an amazing dessert area!

Of course, during dinner, we discussed where we would go for brunch the next day before we had to hop on a plane to go home. We decided on Flying Star Cafe in Nob Hill.


Flying Star Cafe has several locations around Albuquerque and focuses on fresh, homemade, organic foods. The atmosphere was relaxing and friendly, with smiling employees, local art, and board games, which gave it downtown coffee shop vibes. Upon entering, the bakery food stares at you, basically saying, “we know it’s only 10am, but buy a piece of cake…or two.”


Since they have breakfast all day, I ordered the Grateful Cakes – Gluten-Not, which were Gluten-Not Sweet Potato Flapjacks smothered in brown sugar butter sauce, quinoa, raisins, cranberries, & walnuts. I cannot explain how amazing they were. I probably could eat them every day! I had the Mexican Latte to drink, which had sweet chocolate & cinnamon, and of course, had a slice of the Rio Grande Mud Pie, which had fudge filling, house made caramel, cookie crust, whipped cream, and was to die for!


In addition, I tried a bite (or two) of the Florentine Benedict – Gluten-Not, which was griddled polenta cakes topped with bacon, warmed spinach & sautéed mushrooms, 2 basted eggs & feta cheese, and the key lime pie. Both were amazing, and the key lime pie was one of the best I’ve ever tasted!


Although the trip was quick, I am glad we got to experience new foods and surroundings! If you are ever in Albuquerque, I definitely suggest going to a Flying Star Cafe…you will not be disappointed!


What We Ate: Albuquerque, New Mexico

What We Ate: Albuquerque, New Mexico

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