What We Ate: Albuquerque, New Mexico

We boarded our late night flight headed for Albuquerque, New Mexico to arrive around midnight to spend a quick day and a half in the Green Chile capital of the world. Although we went for my cousin’s high school graduation, I insisted on trying a few of the local restaurants and devouring New Mexican green […]

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Rainbow Belgian Waffles

Sometimes it is a struggle to get your toddler to eat breakfast in the morning, so that is when you need to add a little bit of creativity! Get them involved in cooking and get them excited! We created Rainbow Belgian Waffles to add some color to our morning and to make our bellies full!

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Acai Bowls: A Trend Worth Following

Although I live in Arizona, I spend a lot of time in California, specifically Ocean Beach, San Diego. From sites to see to must-go-to food places, I try to blend in with the locals. However, what I love are the small, local businesses. While there is still a Starbucks, Newport Ave. is lined with family […]

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