What It’s Like Traveling Away From My Kid

I love to travel. It’s one of my great joys in life. There’s honestly very little in my life that makes me happier than jet-setting across the country for work and play. The only thing that gets me down when I’m away though is not seeing my kid.

I’m a single, work-from-home, small business owner, entrepreneur, mom and arranging a place to stay for Fox is at times difficult when coordinating different schedules. Ensuring I’ll arrive at a decent hour when returning from my travels is even more difficult.

I like tucking my son in for bed.

Why? Well, for starters I thoroughly enjoy saving money on my tickets and tend to search high and low for the cheapest ticket possible.  Secondly, I like tucking my son in for bed. I find true happiness in kissing him on the forehead and snuggling his squishy little cheeks after a day of love and laughter. He’s my pride, my joy, and has my whole heart.

Fox is young. He does not yet understand what it means for mommy to be away for an extended amount of time and that’s okay. I, however, do understand what it means to be away from him for days or weeks. It’s heart wrenching and in the quiet moments in-between meetings and events my mind goes to him.

Many mothers understand this feeling. It’s a stomach turning moment when you automatically think of your kids and how you miss their smiling faces.

Despite this slight bit of sadness and joy we feel when we’re missing our kids it’s an incredible gift we’re giving them: The time to be without their mom and find their independence. Children need to know subconsciously that they’ll be okay, mommy will come back.

Here are a few tips if you’re a frequent traveler for work:

  1. Have an open discussion about your trip with your kids
  2. Describe what they will be doing while you’re away
  3. Assure them of your arrival
  4. Have them help you pack
  5. Give them an item they can cling to when they miss you
  6. (This one’s for you) Bring along a reminder you can hold onto or look back on photos and videos

So, while it may feel like the worst thing in the worst thing in the world when we’re without them, it’ll all be good when that plane lands and you get to kiss them on the cheeks again.

Stay strong and travel well mamas.

What It’s Like Traveling Away From My Kid

What It’s Like Traveling Away From My Kid

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