Learn How to Land Sponsored Trips as a Mom or Travel Blogger

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As we prepared for our vacation to wrap up summer break, we couldn’t have planned the trip without some very special sponsors! With that said, this is a special blog dedicated to fellow mom bloggers, travel bloggers, or those aspiring to blog in their future.

So, let’s break it down.

First off, we booked resorts (4 nights in Celebration, Florida and 4 nights in Ormond Beach, Florida) through our timeshare from Diamond Resorts. Next, we booked our airfare. Surprisingly, flying into Atlanta from Phoenix, rather than any Florida airport saved our family about $700 in airfare, so we opted for the 6-hour drive there and back.

PLUS, signing up for Honey allowed up to find a coupon code to rent a Mercedes for the same price as a standard vehicle. Honey does the hard work for you and automatically applies coupon codes to any shopping site! Next, we charted out where we will be, kid-friendly activities, and things that we wanted to do.

I am very OCD about traveling plans and organization, so I created a “wish list” of places that aligned with our blog and started researching contact information. I’ll share that information with you later in this blog. Now with the names of the places, contact information, and my spreadsheet, it was time to tackle the pitch.

The most common question from other bloggers is, “How do you write a pitch?” The two-word, simple answer is: sell yourself. These brands may have never heard of you or your blog, so tell them why they should work with you!

Introduce yourself. Make it clear who you are, how they can benefit by working with you, and what your blog is about. If you have outstanding stats to point out, point it out, but also let them know you included a media kit (attach it to your email).

Personalize. No one likes generic emails. Why did you choose this particular location (use their name in the pitch), what do you like about it? Do you have specific memories of this place as a child? This is YOUR elevator pitch. Let them know. However, be sure NOT to write a novel.

Exact details. Let them know the dates you will be there, or date you are interested it, who you are coming with, what do you need, etc. This will not only get to the point, but will reduce the back and forth emails.

Specifics. What will your blog’s focus be? Will you promote it on social media, and if so, what platforms? Will you pre-promote? Will you be recording video or live video? How will you showcase them? Also, if you have a timeframe that you think the blog with be complete, let them know.

Do you want the inside scoop? We did the dirty work for you and want to share it with you for FREE! See our pitch letter, plus contact information for some of the top locations who sponsored our trip!

Word of advice: Don’t get discouraged if someone tells you “no”. Make it a goal for next time. Ask what they are looking for so it is something you can strive for.

Also, Know how much time you will need to “work”. You are granted media passes to basically do a job. Of course, you can still have fun, but commit the time and dedication to the location, whether it be quality photos, taking notes, or doing more research/asking questions. Focus on what your readers what to read. Don’t forget to use disclaimers on your blogs!

Happy blogging!

Learn How to Land Sponsored Trips as a Mom or Travel Blogger

21 thoughts on “Learn How to Land Sponsored Trips as a Mom or Travel Blogger

  1. Nice post! I’ve been looking for ways to build networking relationships. We travel and this would definitely come in handy. I’m always leaving a Yelp review, why not blog about my experience? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. good tips! I have yet to “cold call” (aka email) sponsors but I will feel a little more confident at least knowing how to draft my email. Thanks so much for this…I never even considered asking for sponsors when I travel!

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