Everything You Can Eat Cheap At Your Game of Thrones Premiere Party

The premiere of Game of Thones’ Season 7 is right around the corner. Literally, it’s tomorrow. With the epic show being the social event of the summer so many of us will be working hard to find the right snacks to pay homage to our favorite show.

I’ve put together everything you can dish up for your attendees as you toast to the beginning of the end. The best part of this list? You can buy all these things for under $100 total. So put the kids to bed earlier and hunker down for a Game of Thrones premiere of epic proportions.

Winter is here and so is your premiere party food and wine.

Winter is Here Keto Board

First up I’ve created a fruit, cheese, nut, and meat platter perfect for quick bites and easy to put together. Greatest part about it? It’s all keto food. (Side note I’ve been moving to a keto based diet hence the keto part) I call this platter the “Winter is Here Board.” I’m going for a very postino feel with this board and I think it’s the perfect start to the evening.

Winter is Here Board

Here’s what’s on the board:

Strawberries fanned and placed into the shape of a flower (House Tyrell), blackberries (dragon eggs), blueberries surrounded by a wall of munster cheese (white walkers beyond the wall) a filleted and sliced turkey sausage (the decapitation of poor Theon by Ramsay Bolton), a plethora of nuts for non-keto-eaters, and plain roasted almonds for the keto-eaters (the army of the unsullied), green peppers and zucchini, some prosciutto and pancetta, and of course dried figs (“to help clear you out”).

I added in some crackers for those who want to do a little more pairing too. These crackers are whole wheat and not keto friendly. If you’re in Arizona you can head over to Frys and pick up every single one of these items for a total of $25+ tax.

Keto-eaters* here’s  exactly how much of this board you can eat: 6 blueberries, one strawberry, three blackberries, 12 dry roasted almonds, 10 pieces of sausage, three rolls each of the prosciutto and pancetta, and one dried fig. Total net carbs: 8 gms 

Sansa’s Lemon Cake

I am a dessert person, so is Sansa. In Game of Thrones, Sansa raves about lemon cakes, giphy (1).gifPeople (namely Olenna Tyrell and Lysa Arryn) go out of their way to make sure Sansa gets her lemon cake. While doctors and others recommend deserts (in their full capacity) in moderation, I like to convert some of the ingredients to ones more forgiving. In “Sansa’s Lemon Cake” we used all-natural ingredients creating small cakes for single servings.

This recipe is more time consuming considering you’re baking mini cakes. I’ve modified this recipe from Beauty and The Foodie.

Cost: $37
Net carbs: 6 gm per small cake

Lemon Cake Ingredients:
1 1/2 cups almond flour
1 cup coconut flour
2/3 cup stevia
1 ½ tsp unflavored gelatin powder , *optional
1 ½ tsp baking powder ,
1 tsp sea salt
6 Tbsp butter or coconut oil , melted
6 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp lemon extract and zest
3 eggs

Lemon Glaze Ingredients:
1 stick  unsalted butter
6 Tbsp powdered sweetener of choice: Swerve confectioners for low carb , and ground coconut sugar for paleo (grind in blender until powdered)
2/3 cup heavy cream , or coconut cream
1/4 cup juice from a lemon
Zest of half a lemon

Prep-time: 5 minutes for cake batter, 6 minutes for glaze

Directions: giphy (2)

  • Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • In a mixing bowl combine: the almond flour, coconut flour, tbsp sweetener of choice, baking powder, pinch sea salt and gelatin powder (be sure it’s flavorless).
    Mix well. Set aside.
  • In a small bowl, combine: melted butter, lemon juice, tsp lemon extract, and eggs. Whisk.
  • Pour dry ingredients into wet ingredients and mix until clump free. Using a spatula and flatten the top of batter in small ceramic cake dish, or mini  pie dish.
  • Bake mini cakes together for 25 minutes. Remove from oven and let cake cool.
  • Make the lemon glaze: In a small saucepan over medium heat, melt butter. Add heavy cream or coconut cream, and powdered sweetener. Stir vigorously.
  • Turn off heat.
  • Add juice from a lemon and lemon zest and stir together. Remove from stove. Set aside.
  • Remove the cake from the sides of dishes or pan with a knife.
  • Spread glaze around evenly with a knife (the glaze gets more solid once it cools off). Sprinkle with lemon zest.

Optional: Garnish with black berries or strawberries.

Now, let’s talk wine. More often than not I’ve noticed bloggers suggest wine that’s not that great, or wine that is unaffordable for the average nerd. Frys has wine that’s typically on sale and brands available in other grocers nationwide.

In my group if friends we have two kinds of drinkers: Red winos and White wine lovers. I typically purchase two bottles of wine – a moscato and a red blend. For our purposes I’ve paired a Mirassou Moscato and a Layer Cake Vintage Red Blend called “Sea of Stones” in honor of the Targaryen’s newest allies The Greyjoys. Chill the moscato overnight and place your red blend in your “wine cellar” or pantry.

Cost: Mirassou – $11 Layer Cake $12

This completes your Game of Thrones premiere smorgasbord. If you want to take it up a level grab some cool small plates from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. You can purchase them on clearance here.

Total cost for Game of Thrones Parents Night: $85+ tax. BAM. Cheaper than a bar tab.

I hope you enjoy the entirety of season 7! I know we’re going to have a blast and toast to the deaths of any poor soul who falls victim to the wrath of writers. May the Mother’s Mercy grant you well wishes and our enemies burn in Fire and Blood.

Need to figure out how you’re going to view the Game of Thrones premiere of season 7? Head over to HBO’s GoT website for options! You can click here to go there.

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Everything You Can Eat Cheap At Your Game of Thrones Premiere Party

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