An Ode To Burnt Toast

Well, I’ve done it. Fox’s toast caught fire this morning.
How the hell did I pull this off you ask? It was easy really. You see, I often forget that he plays with the nobs on the toaster, as if they were some kind of spaceship control system that would transport him to a world where Dinosaurs ruled.
When I popped that freshly baked (not by me) piece of bread into the toaster and pulled down the lever, little did I know I would start a fire within that brave little toaster of mine, that would set the course for this morning’s events.
After the toast, the fire alarm set off, causing Fox to scream, causing the neighbor to run to our door, ensuring no one’s literally on fire. After calming the next door neighbor’s nerves, Fox and I returned to cleaning up the smoke-filled kitchen and applying campfire safety tactics to our singular burnt piece of toast. 
Upon the completion of cleaning up said mess (fire), we popped another piece of fresh bread into the toaster, with nobs adjusted accordingly this time. I jellied that perfect piece of toast with the best organic blackberry jelly Arizona can provide and placed it on the Dory Disney plate in front of him.

With his face slathered in very purple jelly, he comes to sit next to me, laying down in the dining room chair as his purple jelly face smooshes into the white sweater I’m wearing. He looks up at me smiling sweetly and says, “thanks toast mom.”

And then, the morning was done.

You see, mom life often goes down like this on a weekly (if not daily) basis. There’s nothing wrong with this and (hopefully) people won’t judge a mom’s character based on messes (and potential catastrophes) because like you, we’re human, and make mistakes. We don’t always do everything right, or “punish” our children for laying their sweet heads covered in sticky messes on our white sweaters because their intentions were not evil. A child’s intentions are not always intended as they are received.
Burnt toast taught me this morning that sh*t happens and sometimes the best way to handle it is with calm grace.
Have you ever caught toast on fire? What went down in your home and how did you handle it?

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Sarah is the co-founder of Travel Foodie Mom, The Blonde Spot, and podcast host for Monday Morning Mimosas and Nerd Biscuit (coming soon). She believes life is better when you can embrace and she does just that.

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