You Earned It…Take That Girl’s Trip!

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Each year, I set out one long weekend with my girlfriends. This includes friends from all walks of life…childhood, high school, past co-workers, the whole she-bang. Whether they are moms, single, or in relationships, I invite my ladies to just get away from everyday life and to relax. Here are the steps to help you plan your very own girl’s trip!

Now, this isn’t a spur of the moment type of trip…this is a trip that I start planning in June and it happens in October or November. It all goes down in Facebook Groups. I reach out to friends who are interested, invite them to the group, and start coordinating. We rent a large house from VRBO and split the costs. I give everyone the minimum costs (if __ many people go, it would cost ____), and the maximum costs, so they know what to expect.

We’ve stayed in small beach houses to most recently, a waterfront 3-story house in San Diego. Each year peaks more and more interest, so the more girls, the bigger house (but the more coordinating).

Since the girls are from all over the country, we coordinate transportation in the group as well. To make it a true girl’s trip, though, we fly into a mutual airport and then carpool. The conversations along the way make the best memories! Plus, why not stop for a Date Shake or tour an old prison? Mine as well make it a true road trip!

Now, activities. What I have learned in planning girl’s trips, is the more girls, the more personalities, and well, the more chances of drama…especially with alcohol. Make it easier on yourself, and create an itinerary. We have done fully-planned trips and a “play it by ear” trip. While it’s great to be casual and do things in the moment, you may also waste time in deciding what to do or have a bunch of people going off to do their own thing. I would definitely suggest to plan it out.

Sample Itinerary:
Friday: Arrival, check-in, dinner @ ____, relax
Saturday: Coffee Shop, San Diego Zoo, dinner, night out
Sunday: Acai Bowls, Sunset Cliffs, Balboa Park, Dinner @ _____, bon fire on the beach
Monday: Check out, Drive home

When planning things out, I always ask the group for ideas and give suggestions – from food choices to activities. This also helps with budgeting. But know, things happen, so if there is a priority place or thing to do, note it.

Alright, so now that you have the group, the girls, the place, and the plan, how do you make it happen? Although you may be planning with some of your best friends, I would suggest having everyone put down a deposit in advance for the accommodations. There is nothing more stressful than planning a trip for months to have people drop out the week before, sticking you with the bill.


If you book with VRBO, many of the homes ask for a deposit and payment schedule. Make everyone aware of this…and coming from experience, you may have to put your foot down when it comes to deadlines. Again, this trip should not cause you to stress.

Do your research. From events to things to do, find out what is happening. For instance, we plan around Beer Week and take advantage of the specials and happenings around town. It helps make the experience extra fun! Don’t forget to plan some relaxation time in there too!

Above all, don’t over-complicate things. Have fun, enjoy your friends, take pictures, and make memories! Here is to the 4th Annual Girl’s Trip 2018!


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