Hoppin’ into Arts & Crafts with Peter Rabbit

Nowadays, it seems like you can never find a good kid’s movie in theatres. I feel like when I was a kid, I would go to the movies every other weekend to see a new Disney movie. Now that I live the #momlife, I get excited to see a new movie to take my son to. When trailers came out for Peter Rabbit, I was psyched because not only was it a movie for him to enjoy, but it’s funny for parents too (Peter Rabbit’s voice is James Corden, so it HAS to be funny)!

In honor of the opening of Peter Rabbit on February 9th, Pinspiration held a meet-and-greet and activity night for kids. I am a huge fan of Pinspiration’s splatter art activity – you literally get to fling paint off a brush on a canvas board, which is a TON of fun (and great Mother’s Day gift)!


While the Travel Foodie Kids did their activities, the Travel Foodie Moms got to help them and explore the studio. As art fanatics, we LOVED it! From the crafts to decor to the bar, we were already planning our next visit.


The kids created a bunny activity with paint, canvas, burlap mesh, tape, twine, and a fuzzy ball for the tail. It inspired their creativity and put smiles on their faces. They were excited to show Peter Rabbit their artwork during the meet and greet.

We can’t wait to see Peter Rabbit in theaters on February 9th. Are you excited, too?

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One thought on “Hoppin’ into Arts & Crafts with Peter Rabbit

  1. I can’t remember if Peter Rabbit was around when I was little. But, we sure had some Bugs Bunny and Looney Tunes!

    I wasn’t aware of stores where people could collaborate on artwork with their children before.

    This sounds great!

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